Frequent Passage to the Thousand 300 Meter Railways Wanted

Consumer Protection Association (TÜKODER) Balıkesir Branch Secretary Atakan Subaşı said that there is only an underpass on the thousand 300 meters long train passing through the city center. Deaths and injuries occur frequently in the train, expressing that the occurrence of Subaşı, rainy weather in the places where the mud of the feet of the feet of the carpet is reported to be laid.
TÜKODER Branch Secretary Subaşı said that they are conducting research on safe transportation and the right to live in a healthy environment in the city center and districts. Stating that they submitted a petition to the Balıkesir Governorship to solve the problem, Subaşı stated that, in the survey related to the train passing through the city center, accidents occurred on its route on different dates. Atakan Subaşı said, “Many of our citizens were injured, disabled or lost their lives in these accidents. There is an overpass in only one part of the railway, which is 300 meters long, from Balıkesir Industrial Vocational High School, where the Saturday Market is established, to the İzmir road overpass. This is far from meeting the need. Due to the establishment of the Saturday Market here, there is excessive density on the transit route. By removing the railing bars in four parts of the railway, the crossing is reached by using gaps. Pedestrians cross without any security measures, causing an accident at any time. In the railroad railings, due to the elevation of the pavement over time, the elevation difference has occurred, in some places the railing has fallen to 1 meter and has become to be easily overcome. Carpetflex has been laid in some places so that the feet of passersby in rainy weather are not muddy. said.
Subaşı pointed out that it would be appropriate to construct an underpass on the railway that divides the neighborhoods of Saturday Market, Butchers, Yıldız, Sütlüce, Bahçelievler and Plevne in their researches as an association, and said, “It has lost its purpose because the railings can be broken and jumped over. A wall that will not be jumped or broken and a railing on it will be suitable for safety. We want measures to be taken to prevent loss of life and property and safe transportation. " He spoke in the form.

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