Şehreküstü visa office will serve at Demirtaşpaşa Station

Due to the renovation in Bursaray Şehreküstü Station Bazaar floor, Şehreküstü Visa Office will temporarily serve at Demirtaşpaşa Station as of 16.07.2012 (Monday).
Şehreküstü Visa Office, which has been renovated within the scope of station renovation works, will temporarily serve at Demirtaşpaşa Station. BURULAŞ officials stated that all services at Şehreküstü Visa Office will be provided at Demirtaşpaşa Station, and that no one will be victimized about visa procedures. In the Şehreküstü Visa Office, besides giving a personalized Bukart, visa procedures are also carried out. After the renovation works, Şehreküstü Visa Office will provide a higher quality service to the citizens with its renewed face.

Source : I www.bursadabugun.co



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