Sakarya Rail Systems OSB

Sakarya, which has entered into a rapid decline for 25-30 years, has become an astonished province. Communities like he did something important that will shock though Turkey Assembly, Assembly, Platform, Council, I'm tired of writing we established with the formation of the Common Mind names and I am ashamed to write.
Sakarya and even Turkey, all things imaginable, "Sure!" giving the strings to politics. However, in any of the works that are wanted to be done, there is NO Project Intelligence of Politics, Production Facility, Money-Capital or any similar contribution-labor-risk! But, that Politics is all "Please!" held its doors.
The most competent professional formations that want to steer the Sakarya Economy said, "The establishment of the Rail Systems Organized Industrial Zone will make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the region and the country!" They created important agendas with their opinion.
This agenda is exactly, "TÜVASAŞ can be carried to Ferizli!" It seemed to coincide with the discourse of the ruling MPs and Eurotem.
However, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality had already finished the work in the production of Rail System Vehicles. Get it! Sakarya can also be a brand of Rail System Tools. Rail Turkey's needs can not be met by the year 1000 EEA.
Now, Rail Systems OSB is off the agenda. "Turkey Detroit, Automotive City Sakarya!" has the slogan. Meeting after meeting; we watch.
Decide what you want to be, what you want to do and walk to the end Sakarya! The Notables of 1945-1960, "We want to be a province!" he said, it happened. We want the Wagon Factory, he said, he did! He said the Tractor Factory, it's here! Sugar Factory wanted and established it!
The land of the University, including the land of all, was given to the families of Sakarya at the expense of the property. Now counting them tribute auction! Whose property, who and what right?
Let's make the right decisions! Education City, Health City or Detroit? Let's decide, but let's do one for Allah's sake!

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