Sakarya Deputy Çelik: '' Railway Construction Will Continue ''

Sakarya deputy Hasan Ali Steel visited the village of Adapazari Köprübaşı, where he made important statements on the agenda.
Adapazarı Municipality Vice President Ersin Kılıç, District Board Member Sedat Kırcı, Taslik Village Headman Halil Çeltik and Köprübaşı Village Headman Orhan Özdemir were present.
Muhtar Orhan Özdemir thanked Ersin Kılıç for the furnishing of the mosque, lodging, Koran course and village mansion, and Hasan Ali Çelik for his financial and moral contributions to Adapazarı district governorship, while he said, He stated that he knows a debt to express his gratitude to the Metropolitan Municipality and its President Zeki Toçoğlu for solving it by laying asphalt.
Speaking on behalf of the villagers, Ruhi Yassibas, the peasant's biggest distress of unpaid beetroot money to be sent to the deputy and asked for help.In addition, the exit of the village due to accidents, often caused by accidents, reorganization, he said. Hasan Ali Celik, who listened to the villagers and village headman, said that the arrangements made the village beautified and that the road was remarkable and thanked the contributing institutions and individuals. The edge of the road as a pavement arrangement will be revealed a more beautiful appearance, stating that it will forward to the concerned. He promised to be transferred to relevant places in the intersection arrangement. In terms of payment of beet money, in fact there is nothing to be done by the state, this is done completely independent of the power of APEK, said the work would follow. Hasan Ali Çelik, the gospel of the night to hide. He stated that the construction of the railway passing by the village is not in question, and that the increase in the cost caused by the ground is correct but that the project will not stop. This project will end soon in construction, places and places will make a great contribution to our province, he said. The night ended with the collective photo taken.

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