Reflected in the Capital Report

In the Capital Report, prepared by the CHP, it is proposed to invest in education, to bring the quality of service to the neighboring districts, to finish the metro works and to modernize the suburban train.
CHP Science, Management and Culture Platform, MPs, provincial and district managers to benefit from the 81 province "Provincial Reports Series" was published. In the report prepared for Ankara, the capital's yön strengths, opportunities yön and yön weaknesses, problems, were written. In the report, proposals for solutions were also listed. It was emphasized that the completion of the six organized industrial zones, which are under construction, is important for the development of the city in the industrial area. It was suggested that regional differences should be seen in the provision of basic public services in the city, and that the necessary quality of service in the center should be carried out in the neighboring districts.
Below Averages
Despite its central location in Ankara, Turkey declared to the field of education in educational indicators remain below the national average, were asked to increase their education-oriented infrastructure investments. It was stated that the development of irrigation facilities would enable the development of alternative products in agricultural production. Ankara is one of the important centers in the furniture sector. Almost all of the producers are small-scale enterprises, which leads to higher costs in production and lower productivity. Ür
Metro must be finished
In the report, which emphasizes the problems experienced due to the lack of realization of transportation investments, it was stated that the connection between the central and surrounding districts caused only heavy traffic and caused heavy traffic. In the report, it was suggested that the time spent in the traffic increased every day, the subway works were completed in the shortest time and the suburban train which was disabled due to the high-speed train operation was modernized and re-put into service.
Infrastructure issues must be solved
In the report, which stated that the underpasses that closed after heavy rains revealed the inadequacy of water evacuation systems, the following were recorded:
Iyel With the coordination of the metropolitan municipality and the district municipalities, the infrastructure problems in the city center should be solved as soon as possible. Due to industrial wastes and sewers, the Ankara Stream has become dangerous for human health. Breeding works must be completed as soon as possible. Is

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