Features of Rail System Professionals

Ethics related to the occupation of the occupants in the rail system
who can act according to the principles, have a healthy physical and mental structure, the first
help information, worker health and safety.
Rail system of those who want to be road technicians; can travel on construction sites
work, make a snow fight, accident and crime scene and so on. under severe natural conditions
machinery and equipment capable of working, acting carefully and in accordance with business discipline
must have the ability to use.
Rail system vehicle technician; can act in accordance with professional ethics, careful,
regular, patient, capable of taking responsibility and business discipline. This profession
element (radio, telephone, signal flare, etc.) must use the means.
In addition, they should be able to use hand tools.
Rail system electrical-electronic technician; problem-solving skills, listening and
is a person with visual ability. In addition, material knowledge and manual dexterity
should be.
Rail system operating-traffic technician; careful, orderly, patient, responsible
and business discipline. At the same time to be a successful professional
To be open to innovations, to speak effectively and beautifully, to be friendly and to human relations
care should be taken. This professional has a good knowledge of using a computer.
In addition, traffic operating systems, signaling, electrification, communication
(radio, telephone, fax, etc.) to know general information about tools and systems and these tools
also must use.
The rail system road technician often works in open environments and terrains. Way
technicians who love to work in motion, dynamic and team work
capable of learning, taking responsibility and renewing oneself
must have.
A rail system vehicle technician is usually employed as a driver on the vehicle or as a vehicle or
on wagon outdoors, workshop etc. work in places.
Rail-system electrical-electronic technician, usually work in land and buildings.
Rail system operating-traffic technician, working most of the time indoors
It passes. This member of the professional traffic management systems and communications (signaling, radio,
telephone, fax, etc.).
2004 – In the academic year of 2005, the Ministry of National Education
The field of Rail Systems Technology opened with the protocol, thanks to the cooperation
TCDD needs to grow to the extent of the staff in this institution
They will find.
Also in recent years, especially in large cities, municipalities
light rail and tram public transport line lengths are constantly increasing and
serious investments are made. Graduates of rail systems are affiliated to municipalities
light rail systems and tramways
will be able to work in private institutions and organizations.
Istanbul, Eskisehir, Sivas, Erzincan and Adapazari in the field of rail systems
programs have been opened. 4. Level Rail System
diploma and certificate will be given in profession.
Because of the parallelism between modular programs and vocational high schools, horizontal
and vertical transitions.
Vocational education in this field, primarily at the level of associate degree
It is given.
In addition, graduates of technical education faculties and engineering
make a career in the faculty.

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