Railway-İş Union İZBAN Press Release

Railway Trade Union
Railway Trade Union

Distinguished members of the press, First of all, we would like to thank all of you for your interest in our Collective Bargaining Negotiations which are still ongoing on this hot summer day. Our union, which is a first in our country, from the construction phase to the operation of 50% municipality-50% government partnership in İZBAN AŞ in March 2011 has completed the organization work and received authorization from the Ministry of Labor.

We are also happy to see the establishment and management of İZBAN AŞ, where two different political parties are in management, shaking hands by demonstrating a great compromise by our municipality and government. We hope that this compromise will set an example for our whole country. However, while our employer reconciled with each other tremendously, unfortunately he did not accept the majority determination of our union in March 2011 and filed a lawsuit against the authority.

Collective Bargaining Strike and Lockout Law

The legal process that started in April 2011 lasted for one year and concluded in May 2012 in favor of our union, and the determination of authority was finalized with the decision of the Supreme Court. During the ongoing process, all the legislation was fulfilled in accordance with the Law on Strike and Lockout of Collective Agreement No 2822 and the first session was held with our employer in May 2012.

According to the law, the employer held sessions with our employer on various occasions for 60 days before the record of the dispute, and 68 articles out of the Draft Collective Bargaining Agreement consisting of 2 main articles and 37 temporary articles resulted in the agreement. All of these articles are administrative items. Most of the remaining 31 main and 2 provisional items are monetary items. In the ongoing process to date, our employer has offered no counterclaim for any substance containing money.
It was not given.

Finally, on July 23, 2012, we had to keep a dispute report, even though we did not want to, due to legal obligations. Unfortunately, the current wages in İZBAN AŞ, which is in the rail transportation business as a sector, are far behind other examples in the sector. Both the wages of the Izmir Metro in our city, the wages of the employees in the rail transportation business in nine other cities, and the wages of TCDD, which is a 50% partner of İZBAN AŞ, are considerably higher than that of İZBAN AŞ.

On 23 July 2012, our union had to submit the Collective Bargaining Agreement to the official mediator due to the dispute report.

We, as Demiryol-İş, declare once again that we are ready to negotiate with our employer 7 days and 24 hours during the ongoing Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Under the direction of two different political parties İZBAN AŞ. in spite of all the difficulties, unfortunately they did not show their conciliatory attitude towards their employees. The most important indicator of this is the fact that our union, which has applied for authority by making 140 workers members in the first organization in the workplace where 100 people work, sued the Labor Ministry claiming that it could not provide a majority. On the other hand, it is very sad for İZBAN employees that our employer has not yet offered a salary despite a period of 16 months since the union membership of the employees.

The company has reached its 5-year targets for passenger transport in the first year. In this, the efforts of our friends can not be ignored.

Our friends have adopted İZBAN AŞ so much that they have worked under the name of education for 2,5 months free of charge for the first time. Afterwards, they started to work with interns' fees and they took only small hikes for 2 years.
they have been able to bring them to the above levels.

The Hunger Limit 924,98 TL

In our country where the hunger limit is 924,98 TL, it can be appreciated by the public players that the family cannot be supported by the current wages.

As a result, our colleagues working in İZBAN AŞ have no power to continue their lives with the current wages. Most houses are not able to pay their rent. There are almost no friends who do not owe banks. Due to the fees we have shared with you above, our friends have been unable to sustain their lives and have had to go to some of their mandatory expenses.

Therefore, the male employees of İZBAN A.Ş. will not be shave for 15 days,

We believe that our colleagues who work with incredible sacrifices for their businesses for 2 years deserve the wages they need to live humanely and we expect a fair approach from our employer. 27.07.2012

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