Second industrial zone in Polatli

POLATLI Chamber of Commerce Organized Industrial Zone President Hasan Benli, the county's second industrial basin was formed and began to sell parcels, he said.
Benli stated that they have allocated the first industrial parcel to RK Railways Technology Inc. and they have realized the tender for the energy transmission line of the region.
Benli stated that they carried out the energy transmission line tender from the substation in Beylikköprü to 740 thousand liras and added: enerji Our teams work fast to give energy to the region. The transmission line will cross the railway line through the high speed train line. Our goal is to bring electricity to the region for our investors to start production as soon as possible. OSB land is located in a distance of 10 to Polatlı parallel to Eskişehir highway. Transportation in the district, infrastructure is very important for investors. All this is an advantage for us. Bütün

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