Disability Victim About Metrobus.

With the renovation of the bridges in Istanbul, the citizens who want to get rid of the ordeal of traffic use the BRT vehicles, while the disabled are still victims of BRT.
Within the BRT lines, transportation is provided for disabled people only at certain stops, but not at all stops. When this is the case; using a metrobus, a wheelchair who wants to go from place to place, can go back and forth but get off at the stop or unrelated stop. When this happens, a funny picture emerges.
The best answer to the question ne What happens if 20 wheelchairs and visually impaired people come together and go to Mecidiyeköy with a metrobus from Şirinevler? Ise is forced to return and return to Şirinevler. Because in Mecidiyeköy, there is no elevator and vehicle for wheelchair users and visually impaired citizens who can use the stairs after getting off the metrobus.
Likewise, due to the renovation of the bridges and the metrobus who do not want to get stuck in traffic and want to pass to the Anatolian side of the disabled car with the same event faced with the same event of citizens. For example, if you take the metrobus from Zeytinburnu and use the wheelchair and visually impaired citizen who wants to get off at Altunizade, you will be stranded at the Altunizade stop. Because there are no lifts and vehicles for disabled people on the 500 meter stairs to connect to the main road from Altunizade station.
Speaking to Hürhaber.com'a disabled citizens, Ali Yildirim said, ulaşım Transportation in Istanbul is a big ordeal for us. Whether you try to ride from Ayvansaray, from Halıcıoğlu, from SSK Hospital or from Perpa bin Wherever you get on Metrobüs, you stay where you land. Although you've had an extraordinary effort to get on the ride, you have the same trouble getting off. When it comes down, you're thinking about climbing the 40 staircase, but you can't,. He said.
Disabled citizens, Yildirim Yildirim, “For example, I got on the metrobus, let's say the driver really stopped at the station, let's likes to help someone who does not know himself opened the ramp on the bus, unobstructed section in the metrobus was not occupied by friends and saw me empty part of the wheelchair for me. I go down in Söğütlüçeşme, there are no stairs that do not work the elevator to get out of the station anyway, when I got out of the disabled door, give me your hand Kadıköy Kadıköy. But I said; I never took into account the padlock on the disabled door with the resmi wheelchair picture üzerinde on it. Moreover, there is no servant of a God with the key around. There are turnstiles that are too narrow for even a man over 120 KG to pass the wheelchair. Turnstile me; I look deep into the tourniquet. Until well-intentioned three to five citizens lift my chair (with me on it) as high as 1 meters off the floor and pass it across the door. This is our view. There is nothing to tell ”.
In Istanbul, which has a crowded population, one of the biggest demands of the disabled citizens who have suffered especially in terms of transportation is to make investments in the metrobus area especially for disabled people to travel comfortably. The common message of many disabled citizens whose opinion we have received is; BB IMM should stop creating new obstacles for us to live. I leave the understanding of the disabled, who caused us such an ordeal, with their consciences ”.

Source : I www.hurhaber.co

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