Curiosities in the tram debate

Bursa City Council discussed the issue of transportation.
Malum, Bursa transportation problem is very large.
Therefore, alternative means of transportation and convenience are gaining importance.
T1 was called "Sculpture Tram Line".
The first part of the route, the one-way line-work of the Statue-City Square will soon begin.
There are various criticisms Çeşitli
By pointing out that it will affect the negative, the slopes on the roads are pointed out.
Officials, however, show the example of trams running more inclines in European countries.
Another issue discussed is;
300 thousand people per day Sculpture, bazaar, assuming that will go to the region,
30-35 will not be the solution of the tram mentioned that a thousand people will be carrying capacity.
The remaining 200 is required to explain how to provide transportation for a thousand people and how to compensate this deficit.

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