Majestic cable car in the province of Ordu

The two families from İzmit, who I knew closely, wanted to go out of Izmit for a day or two before the Ramadan and to make a Black Sea tour. You know, there's a trendy song in the last few days. Going out of Izmit, Bolu Gerede reached the Black Sea, they went to the Army. They liked the Army and stayed there.

They're back gidiş They brought a ticket with them: Ordu Municipality Cable Ticket: 5 TL round trip ticket. Ordu Municipality has established a ropeway system that gives you the opportunity to see panoramic views over the province.

What is the population of Ordu, what is the population of Kocaeli? .. What is the power of Ordu Municipality, what is the power of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality? ..

But the Municipality of Ordu founded the ropeway system over the city center. Return per person only 5 TL. Our 10 here is spoken of the cable car for years. Moreover, for Izmit, the need for transportation. You couldn't do it to Izmit, the ropeway is a must for Kartepe summit. But we couldn't go further than the photo, the machine ...

They traveled on travel to see the ropeway systems in Europe. Still, there isn't a (T) ropeway system in the center. But Ordu Municipality has done this job with its limited facilities. He uses it, he earns money, he serves people.

Everything is here.

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