New arrangement for Metrobus station

IMM gave the following information about the latest work on the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line: la Nowadays, Avcılar Station is under construction again. Avcılar metrobus station, the current system in front of Istanbul University is working as the first and last stop. The new system will be like other stops in the middle of the D-100 highway as Hunters main stall. The Avcılar station, which is on the D-100 metrobus route, will be in the width of 8 m. Metrobus can continue directly to Beylikdüzü direction after stopping at the Avcılar station, or it will be able to continue to the turntable or garage area in front of the university with the Metrobus underpass built under the D-100.

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