Undersecretary Habip Soluk says that one of the 16 investments is the Logistics Center in Kars

Ministry of Transportation Undersecretary Habip Soluk, who came to Kars to inspect and inspect the Ministry's investments in Kars, said that one of the logistics centers in 16 investment was Kars. Lar If you play the tin, you will have a logistics center in Kars Bak.
He was informed by Cahit Turhan, General Director of Habab Soluk and General Directorate of Highways, on the road to the Susuz Camchavus construction site of the highways on the Kars Arpacay Road.
Here journalists, Kars logistics centers established on a question as to whether the establishment Undersecretary Habib pale, "Turkey's national borders in 16 have been involved in many investment related logistics center project. One of them is Kars Logistics Village. This was planned in 2006 when AK Party Kars MP Ahmet Arslan was the General Manager of DLH. However, the investment entered in 2010. We're doing this with yellow. At present, we have very advanced Logistics Centers in Izmir, Samsun and Manisa. Baku-Tbilisi-Kars will connect Beijing to Kars. Nakhichevan will connect Islamabad to Kars in the future. If you want or you do not want, 'we do not want' he talıda çalsize the logistics center will be held in Kars. There is no salvation and there is also an investment. I hope that soon after the building of the station will be thrown bauda. It is included in the investment program of the Ministry of Development. Not to be done. In particular, it is inevitable because of being the central node. In other words, there will be a Logistics Village. Tır
Undersecretary Soluk, on the question about when to start the construction of the Logistic Village to be made to Kars, Köy The implementation of the projects depends entirely on the appropriations. As the Ministry of Transportation, we have close to 70 quadrillion TL investment portfolio. This may be a bit delayed by the logistics village in Kars, but I don't think that the Logistics Center of Kars will hang out after 20147. It could be even sooner. Because we're gonna have to start with the station building. He and his BTK connection must have been implemented. The Customs Directorate is not a distress. In the logistic villages, we have only one 'four-way turn, here we are burdened, we don't have a goal'. Logistics villages, banks, repair shops, maintenance, motel, cargo, container is thought with the complete area. The capacity is planned to be quite large 4 thousand square meters and grow around. 'We only have a logistics center,' said 100-150 will not be a logistics center to be trapped here. Of course, we prefer treasury land. Treasury places are sometimes pastures, but there are problems in public interest, but we can open the pasture jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture. For this reason, it is possible to determine such a route and our dot may cause some problems there. But our priority will be the treasure. You need to have an area of ​​at least 800 acres. Because we aim to grow in time. M
Soluk also said, de The Logistic Village, which is planned to be built in Kars is going to Erzurum sıkıntı, has been recently Sol There was a big problem in the city in loading and unloading. Therefore, Kars, Sivas and Antep were in a place when Erzurum was invested. Erzurum is before these. It is not possible for Kars to go to Erzurum. However, it is possible to remove the inside of Erzurum from the city. There is nothing going to Erzurum from Erzurum and nothing from Erzurum to Kars. One of the centers involved in the 16 investment is Kars. X
Cahip Turuk, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and General Manager of Highways; AK Party Kars deputies Ahmet Arslan, Prof. Dr. Yunus Kılıç, Mayor Nevzat Bozkuş, AK Party President of Kars Province Av. Ensar Erdoğdu, Highways 18. Regional Director Necati Çakıroğlu, Sarıkamış Mayor İlhan Özbilen, Selim Mayor Muhittin Yücel, AK Party Provincial Administration also accompanied.

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