MMO: Fast train projects should be stopped immediately

Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) after the start discussing the privatization of subjects Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO), real and privatization preparation of behind the scenes in transport, 22 July 2004 occurred and 41 people's lives of the lost that Pamukova speed train disaster was announced in a report in the year 8.
According to the report on the privatization of the TCDD, the process is about to be completed with hasty decisions. With the adoption of the Decree Law No. 655, the infrastructure works will be delivered to the private companies and the TCDD will be liquidated.
Expressing his opinions on the report, Ali Ekber Çakar, Chairman of the Board of MMO, stated that a serious 'Transportation Master Plan' should be prepared and long, medium and short term strategies should be prepared. Emphasizing that these plans should create a 'Master Plan' for railway, seaway, airway and road separately, Çakar stated that these transportation types should be integrated by creating a single transport chain.
Ali Ekber Çakar pointed out that fast / accelerated train projects, which are not based on new infrastructure and high standard new line construction, should be stopped immediately and that / speed rail yapım projects should be realized on the old lines with the necessary infrastructure, maintenance and renovation works. In the transportation sector, Çakar showed that the energy consumption of the transportation sector is lower as a sea and rail, and according to the railway, 2 wanted to stop the road investments which caused 3 times more energy consumption than the rapid waterway.

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