MHP Giresun Provincial Chairman, AK Party Vekile Railway Response

MHP Giresun Provincial Chairman Orhan Erzurum, the AK Party Giresun deputy Adem Tatlı, leaving the problems of the election region and almost remote control of the problems of other provinces, he said.
Grand National Assembly of Turkey's AK Party Giresun deputy Adam on the official website evaluating the Sweet rationing MHP Chairman Orhan Erzurum, Giresun Province; Tedir Adem Tatlı, the AK Party deputy from Giresun, does not have any written or verbal questions about his constituency.
While Giresun has not had a boat belonging to the Special Administration for years, Erzincan-Edirne railway struggle, Eğribel tunnel struggle and a trip to the island of Giresun has not existed, and they did not bring these in the parliament once in writing or oral.
Unfortunately, it is seen that Mecca-Medine high speed train line construction, the high speed train line in Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line, Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line and the renewal of ferries in Van Lake are given.
Giresun has many problems, while Giresun deputy Adem Tatlı has raised the problems of other provinces.
AK Party from Giresun 154 has received approximately 60 thousand votes and Adem Tatlı'da deputies elected with these votes. But do not do anything related to Giresun Adem Tatlı's job to express the problems of other cities? Adem Tatlı Giresun'dan received the right to play Adem Tatlı We would like to ask these questions which will be announced in the next elections.
Does not Adem Tatlı's own province show that the problem of other provinces is brought up by the remote control, while the problems of their own province are not on the agenda? If so, the seat should not occupy the seat should not resign.Giresun Adem Tatlı'ın Giresun'in issues to choose the interest, "he said.

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