Metrobus missed the rich

The BRT line, which was launched in 2008 in the capital of India, frustrated private vehicle owners, and those who complained about traffic filed a court.
Metrobus line put into service in India, one of the countries with the most intense traffic problems, upset the taste of the rich.
According to Yenişafak's report, the BRT, which was built to find a solution to the traffic problem in New Delhi, the capital of India, brought the wealthy who own private cars against the low and middle-income population using public transportation. The "Fast Transit" corridor is now in court, upon the application of private car owners.
With the implementation of the system with two separate lanes for bicycles and buses, the space allocated to cars decreased, and traffic increased for drivers.
Private car owners who could not move on the roads for a long time, joined for the removal of the system.
Last week, the local court decided to open the strips for buses and bicycles to private cars.
The decision that will determine the fate of the system will be made by the Delhi Supreme Court. However, the Ministry of Transport announced that if the Delhi Supreme Court takes a decision to abolish the system, it will not give up and will take the case to the Constitutional Court, India's most competent court.

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