The driver of the minibus hit the foot of the Metrobus overpass

On the D-100 Highway in Beylikdüzü, the minibus used by Cihangir Yaraş, who was claimed to be too fast, hit the foot of the metrobus overpass. In the accident where Yaraş lost his life, his friend Cemal Kayar was seriously injured.
Cihangir Yaraş (07.00), the driver of the 39 NR 711 minibus, losing control of the steering wheel at 26:26 from Beylikdüzü towards Bakırköy direction. The minibus, which was claimed to be too fast, hit the middle part of the overpass at the Tatilya metrobus stop. With the impact of the crash, the driver Cihangir Yaraş (100) and his friend Cemal Kayar jumped out of the minibus and were thrown onto the road. While Yaraş died at the scene, Cemal Kayar, who was seriously injured, went to Bakırköy Dr. Sadik Konuk Education and Research Hospital. Due to the accident, the middle part of the D-XNUMX Highway in the direction of Bakırköy was closed to traffic for a while.
The motor, tires and hood of the minibus, whose front part was scrapped, were dislodged by the impact of impact. The debris at the scene of the accident was collected by municipal workers and the road was opened to traffic.

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