51 Domestic vehicles being produced

Dear railway industrialists,
As you know, the completion of some subway lines in Ankara has been transferred to Ankara Municipality Ministry of Transportation (DLH).
As of December 324, 29 went on the tender for the purchase of 2011 metro vehicles, which are the vehicle exporters of DLH Ankara Metro. The tender date 14 is quite close to the time specified in February 2012, but I think that the date may be given more time than 20 days according to demand. The specification has been prepared in a way to pave the way for Turkish railway industrialists.
Total 324 month delivery time for 108 units (32 series) subway vehicles is given in the tender. For 75 units vehicles (25 series)% 30 domestic production contribution is stipulated. The first 18 units (6 series) will be delivered within 20 months. The remaining 249 units vehicles (83 series) will be delivered at the end of the 32 month and with the condition of 51 domestic production contribution. Our public and private railway industrialists need to support this project together.
With the additional discovery increases, this tender, which amounts to approximately 500 million Euros, will be made with our own resources without requesting credit from foreign or foreign vehicle manufacturers.
Our local private sector companies, Tuvasaş and Tulomsaş, have started to work immediately to determine what we need to do to achieve the desired domestic production rates. More importantly, we should not embarrass Mr. Binali Yildirim and his team who determined the 51 rates in the tender by relying on Turkish industrialists and their team, and DLH and TCDD executives who believe in us.
This tender will be a great opportunity for the development of our railway sector.
Our Minister of Transport We thanked Mr. Binali Yıldırım and DLH and TCDD general manager for 51 domestic contribution rate.
We believe that this important decision has been a turning point in the production of subway and tram vehicles in our country.
After that, municipalities have to demand the production of at least% 51 domestic contribution in metro vehicle purchases. The front of our railway industry is now open, and good for our industrialists.
As you know, our main goal will be needed in Turkey's 15-year, 5500 subway - after that the tram car to be produced by our domestic industries and exports is also made to other countries.
Over the next 15 year, 18 has a tremendous domestic market of around $ billion.
Our railway industry has been able to produce our brand in the production of Metro and Tram vehicles. Our main goal. Tır To produce a global brand from our country in the production of local Metro and Tram vehicles ”.
This project is a long-term, difficult, but a project that we can achieve together and befits our country.
Most 4-5 years, will be produced in Turkey becoming WORLD BRAND Metro and Tram our belief that our vehicles are exported to countries all over the world are full.
As railway industrialists, we started to determine our road map. May the New Year be beneficial for our country, railway sector and industrialists. Our respect,
On behalf of RAYDER Ahmet Gök Secretary General

Source : www.rayder.org.t is

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