Arkas Holding, one of the world's largest shipping companies, will run a 'private train'

Arkas, one of the largest in the world in shipping, is preparing for private train operations as in civil aviation with the release of the Railway Liberalization Law. But the main exit of the Bosphorus will be combined with Marmaray.
Bernard Arcas, Arkas Holding Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, pointed to Alsancak Harbor from his dominant room in Izmir Bay like captain lodge. Below, the giant cranes loaded and unloaded the containers with tons of weight, and the carriers brought the steel cages that they lifted with magnetic arms like ants between the train-ship-trucks. With the young generation boss of the holding, Bernard Arcas of 43, he talked about the busy traffic of the group as he watched the busy traffic below. Arkas, one of the world's largest 50 maritime groups, is a complete logistics giant with 30 cruising sea, 429 TIR land and 700 railroad fleet.
Anatolia to meet the coast
Arcas, who is in charge of overseas structuring and agency affairs, says they are also preparing for the 'special train' business like private airline. He saw the future of the Group of Turkey, in Anatolia, the inner parts of the coast will combine for a huge project that explains step by step they started to practice. Anadolu Project's budget is about 150 million dollars. But Arkas will make its second big exit after the Marmaray Project, which will unite both sides of the Bosphorus with railroads at the end of the 2013. With Istanbul's European and Asian side uninterrupted transport to the Far East, a new Silk Road will be established, which will extend to the Far East.
The main exit is Marmaray
Bernard Arcas, evaluating the merger of the two sides of the Bosphorus with the railroad, demir Europe, passenger and freight transport train works. The trains coming from Europe will enter our country, they will leave the Bosphorus with Marmaray and go to Iraq. For this purpose, we bought our places to establish two new logistics centers in Kocaeli-Kartepe and Mersin-Yenice. There will be transfer locations through the new investment points. Trains from Europe will come to our logistics centers. We will do the deployment in Turkey classify and where load. We are building a system where trains, ships and trucks complement each other. We already bought wagons near 700. When the law is changed and given the right to take locomotives, we will start private train operations like private airlines. Kanun With the development of the railway, Arcas points out that with the decrease in transportation costs, it is possible to establish new factories in new cities in Anatolia. This development points to the improvement of welfare in Anatolia by changing the direction of migration to the west and remedy for unemployment.
300 year in Izmir
Bernard Arcas describes the family's history of 8-9 generation. Ken There are few families in Izmir who have reached 300 years before. The story first started with a member of the family who lived in Marseille in 1711 when he came to Izmir. Among the reasons for the arrival of the second group is the defeat of Napoleon in Waterloo at 1875. In those years the family lived in Corfu because of the war, on the island to pass into the hands of the British who had emigrated to Turkey, "he says. Lucien Arkas, the grandfather of Gabriel Jean-Baptiste Arcas, with two French partners in 1902 by importing goods that are not in Turkey will start to trade. When the First World War broke out, the other partners escaped, but Baptiste stayed in Izmir and threw the seeds of today's Arkas. When Dede passed away in 1935, Lucien Gabriel Arcas from Marseille came to Izmir and took the job. And at 1943, the family meets maritime with the agency of Fratelli Sperco, a major shipowner. When the calendars show the 1964, Lucien Arkas, the third generation, moves to the maritime business, leaving other jobs to take over.
Magic Box Revolution
The family owes its success to Lucien Arkas's container revolution in the maritime industry. Bernard Arcas explains this as follows: liği My father's biggest characteristic is his fast adaptation to the business world. 1970s had a container revolution and maritime was divided into two. Major shipowners thought that cargo could not be carried by boxes and continued to carry bulk cargo in the traditional way. New ones turned to the container. One of the greatest shipowners of the time, insisting on classic transportation, is nowhere. Today's big ones have been the ones who captured the container revolution, and all of them have come to important places in the last 30-40 year. Bugün
Forced port owner
Arkas has a common port in Istanbul with MSC Shipping of Italian origin. Kal They forced us into the port owner, ithalat says Bernard Arcas, telling the story of this investment: ibi In the 80 years, there was a big boom in exports and imports. At least seven days were needed to unload cargo at Haydarpasa Port. MSC, 'We're hurting a lot, Istanbul will cut the deal' we said we wanted to establish our own port. Finally, the port of a cooperatives cooperative was found in the Istanbul Ambarlar. First, the first private sector container port operation was started in Istanbul by taking common crane with MSC. The next step in 1996 continued with Marport in 2001. Marport largest private sector port in Turkey with 2 million TEU volume of business today. "
When ships didn't arrive, the ships took
When Arkas established its own port, small ships say, ıza We don't come to your port, un a new situation occurs. Arkas then starts the transport business by taking two container ships at 1996. Today there are 25 container ships and five fuel tankers in the fleet. Once the ship has been transported, it is necessary to dominate the land. 16 is established in Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Spain, Italy, Algeria and Morocco.
Fighting giants in risky countries
Ada Giants fight in the international arena. We prefer mostly hard to work places, en says Bernard Arcas, m We are Turks. Is it more comfortable in Morocco or me? Because of our family identity, we can adapt to both Europe and North Africa. I manage to be friends with people in both regions. Europeans can't do that. We are often the first in the Mediterranean and Black Sea transport in our own regions. When we look at globally, that is, if we include the goods coming from the Far East, we are still in the first five. Mall
Distribution of tasks in the family
Lucien Arkas is responsible for the follow-up of investments in the distribution of duties in the family. Bernard Arcas, Turkey and from abroad agencies, IT, also responsible for the Arkas Sports Club. Logistic with sister Diane Arcas Aktas interested. He is also responsible for budget, procurement and audit issues. They look at human resources together. In addition, his younger sister's wife Horace Dumitrescu is interested in finance and banks.
Arkas with numbers
55 company
In the 16 47 countries including Turkey office
5 600 700 6 300 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX
429 TIR in the black fleet
Wagon close to 700 in the railway fleet
25 Turks in the merchant naval fleet bayraklı container ship, five Turks bayraklı refueling tanker
2011 turnover at 2 billion dollars

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