Sırasöğütler is not included in Marmaray

A few years later, Gebze - Halkalı It will be located in the Marmaray Project, in some places 1 Km. distance between the two stations in the distance, even with the population of Darıca, which is one of the largest neighborhoods, both Gebze and Fatih Station almost 2'şer Km. The same thing was not considered for Sirasogut. Halkalı Between Gebze and ongoing construction of the length of 76 Km. Marmaray Project, this distance is exactly the 41 passenger download-overlay station is located on.
Despite all this, it is one of the most crowded neighborhoods of Darica and almost by train from Gebze to Fatih Train Stations. away from the stand is not to stand at the Sırasöğütler.
According to the information received from an official from Marmaray Project Officers, it was stated that there was no demand from the station for the station to be placed in the rankings and therefore it was not included in the evaluation. In the case of an application for the establishment of a station in the Sirasogutler District, the Project Officer noted that they would take it into consideration and asked for the application to be made while the works are still under construction.

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  1. In my opinion, Başak Station, which will be built close to Kartal Industrial Vocational High School and I do not know where it gets its name, is unnecessary. In addition, I wish a station had been built in Sırasöğütler district between Fatih and Gebze stations. Also for some reason, Küçükçekmece and Halkalı Among the stations were the formerly Coldsu and Canary stations. A station called Mustafakemal will now be built.