Marmaray Project Assured by MAPFRE General Insurance

MAPFRE GENEL SİGORTA has given guarantee for the signaling and rail laying works of Marmaray Project. The policy for the works that cost 900 million euro was realized with the reinsurance support provided by MAPFRE Global Risk. The total duration of the project will be 44 months, one of Turkey's most important projects. 100, the OHL company of the project, which is the contractor of the project, has been carrying out many different engineering jobs in different countries of the world for more than a year.
Alfredo Aran, General Manager of MAPFRE Global Insurance and member of MAPFRE General Insurance, and Carlos Vasquez, Manager of Global Risk Engineering Insurance Department, visited the OHL company, which undertook the Global Signaling and Rail Laying Kurulu works in the Marmaray Project. After the presentations and information exchange at the company headquarters of Altunizade in OHL, the team who visited the site visited; Assistant General Manager of Insurance, Volkan Babür and Kivanc Yashar from the Engineering Insurance Unit.
Arana stated that Turkey is a growing market, which is already strong in the market for engineering insurance MAPFRE GENERAL insurance, for further support in this regard would do their best, he said.
Stating that OHL is a global customer for MAPFRE Global Risk, Aran also stated that OHL is providing collateral for ongoing contracting services in Russia, Arab countries and many other regions.
Arsan said that the company's 2011 premium production was over 1 billion euros, stating that MAPFRE Global Risk is a MAPFRE company with a high reinsurance capacity, established to serve global customers with a turnover of a certain size, operating mainly in different countries of the world.

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