Map of Marmaray

marmaray map
marmaray map

The Marmaray Project, one of the most important projects in the world, is a project that does not pollute the environment by using high capacity electrical energy in order to maintain Istanbul's urban life in a healthy way, to offer a modern urban life and urban transportation opportunities to the citizens.
Istanbul is a city that needs to be protected with historical and cultural values, on the other hand, to reduce the environmental impact of public transportation systems and to establish modern railway facilities to increase the capacity, reliability and comfort of railway systems.

The project is based on the improvement of the suburban railway system in Istanbul and the construction of the Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing in order to connect the Gebze districts located on the European side of Halkalı and the Asian side with an uninterrupted, modern and high capacity suburban railway system.

Railway lines on both sides of the Bosphorus will be connected by a railway tunnel connecting the Bosphorus. The line will go underground in Kazlıçeşme; it will move along the new underground stations Yenikapı and Sirkeci, pass under the Bosphorus and connect to Üsküdar, another new underground station, and re-surfaced at Söğütlüçeşme.

The project is currently one of the largest transport infrastructure projects in the world. The entire new and improved railway system will be approximately 76 km long. Main structures and systems, immersed tube tunnel, drilling tunnels, open-close tunnels, level structures, 3 new underground station, 36 aboveground station (renovation and improvement), operating control center, pitches, workshops, maintenance facilities, to be built on the ground new A third line will consist of 4 parts, including the upgrade of existing lines, completely new electrical and mechanical systems and modern rail vehicles to be supplied. A separate contract is made for each section;

1) Engineering and Consultancy Services (Applicable)
2) BC1 Railway Throat Tube Transition Construction (Applicable)
3) CR3 Improvement of Gebze-Halkalı Commuter Lines, Construction, Electrical and Mechanical Systems (Applicable)
4) CR2 Supply of Railway Vehicles (in force)

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Marmaray, Haydarpaşa-Gebze and Sirkeci-Halkalı suburban lines were upgraded and connected with the Marmaray Tunnel. Upon completion of the second stage, 76,6 will serve on the line length and 43 station.

When the construction is completed, the line connected to Marmaray, 1,4 km. (tube tunnel) and 12,2 km. (drill tunnel) It is planned to be approximately 76 km long, with TBM basin crossing and Halkalı-Sirkeci on European side and Gebze-Haydarpaşa part on Anatolian side. Railways of different continents will be joined by tube tunnels immersed under the Bosphorus. Marmaray has the deepest submerged tube tunnel in the world, used by rail systems with 60,46 meter depth.

The number of lines between Gebze-Ayrılık Çeşmesi and Halkalı-Kazlıçeşme is 3, and the number of lines between Ayrılık Çeşmesi and Kazlıçeşme is 2.

marmaray map
marmaray map

Last updated: March 2019


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