Ropeway Solution to 2012 Summer Olympics Traffic in London

2012 thousand 2 roving lifts were launched every hour to relieve heavy traffic due to the 500 Summer Olympics in London.

At the Summer Olympics, every 2 will transport one passenger per second to the sports complex where the games will be played.

London, which hosts the 2012 Summer Olympics, is feared that the traffic will be locked. British Prime Minister David Cameron, during the Olympics and he and the ministers will use public transport, such as everyone said.

Authorities called on Londoners to act precisely and not to drive unless necessary.

One of the works carried out in order to facilitate transportation was the ropeway, where Emirates contributed to 36 million pounds.

According to Euronews; The one-time fee of the line, which was established on the River Thames and opened by Mayor Boris Johnson the other day, is twice as much as a bus ticket.

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