Opening Ceremony of the London Cable Car

It will be possible for the first time to cross the river through electric vehicles in North Greenwich, near the Olympic village in London.

1.1 The kilometer-long system of the 34 cabin will allow you to reach the Royal Docks from the Greenwich side of the river on a 5 minute trip. With the 34 cabin lift you will be able to transport 2 thousand 500 people to the opposite collar within one hour.

Opened under the sponsorship of the London Transport Directorate, the City of London and sponsored by Emirates Airlines, the lift is expected to host millions of tourists due to the Olympic Games.

Located at an elevation of 90 meters from the river, the system provides a bird's-eye view of London, while disabled people will be able to access the cabins where 10 can sit in a wheelchair. Emirates Airlines, which sponsors the 60 million pound of the system, which was built for a total of £ 36 million pounds, holds the operating and name rights of the transportation system throughout the next 10.

Uz We are delighted to be able to announce that the project has been completed on schedule and on budget, Danny said Danny Price, London Transportation Authority official.

The crowd gathered to protest the Transport Directorate on the Greenwich side, where the opening took place, organized a demonstration to protest the salaries of bus drivers. The protest in which the 100 person attended was protesting against the fact that the salary increase for the train and subway users, which would carry thousands of people because of the Olympics, was not made to the bus drivers. The demonstrators announced that they would go on strike if their demands were not met by shouting slogans.

The weight and financial impact of the city of London, where 8 million people live, to host 8,8 million ticket holders due to the Olympics, will add to the transportation systems. kazanProtesters, who demanded that they consider "The Olympics will add a lot of weight to the transportation system and we want that to be taken into account," he said.

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