The cable car is experiencing the busiest days after winter

In Bursa, due to the fact that the citizens who are out of the heat prefer Uludağ to cool off, the cable car that has been operating for years 49 has been experiencing the busiest days after the winter months. The Bursali, who were waiting for the queue for hours to get on the cable car, rebelled against the situation.
According to the authorities of the Provincial Directorate of Meteorology, the city center in the city of Bursa on Monday and the 37 degree of temperature and 70 24 to exceed the humidity because of the citizens and tourists, the highest temperature in the shade of the XNUMX degree was measured in Uludağ'a flocked. Bursa-Uludağ highway, so the intensity of the cable car, the most intense day after the winter, lived on Sunday.
According to the authorities, approximately 4 bin 400 people chose to go up to Uludag to go up the roundabout. In the meantime, 85-90 XNUMX-XNUMX'ın reported that the foreign tourists.
On the other hand, those who want to go to Uludag, overwhelmed by the hot air, waited for a long queue. Citizens who recorded the queuing of both the way to both the cable car and the turn of the queue, eden We, as the Bursalı we know to escape from the heat, the cable car is overwhelming. We waited for a full 2,5 watch standing on the cable car. When the stops were full with Sarıalan and Kadıyayla, we waited at the 2,5 hour. When we escaped the heat, we were caught in the cable car. Officers say it's always the same. We didn't see such disgrace. People are fighting each other to get on the ropeway. Many foreign tourists come here. They're pulling this torture. Will these tourists ever come back here? This bleeding bleeding should be solved as soon as possible. Bu

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