Neighbor will sell the grievance auction

The Prime Minister of Greece, who has been forcing the aid countries, especially Germany, for 'harsh austerity measures', will quickly sell the railways and electricity administration for the new resource. Investors expect cheap prices,
Greece's newly elected Prime Minister Antonis Samaras noted that they pressed the emergency button in privatization and that the railways and electricity administration would be sold at the first time. Greece, which has accepted the package of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the EU Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB), known as the 'painful recipe' to get rid of bankruptcy, and started negotiations, is asked to dismiss civil servants, cut their pensions and privatize debtor public institutions . In this context, savings of 14.2 billion dollars (11.5 billion euros) are demanded in two years.
Prime Minister Samaras stated that they would take steps for the privatization of jet speed and that many inefficient institutions belonging to the state would be shut down. Samaras also said that they will work to prevent wages and retirement cuts.
Stating that “we have to achieve all these in order to prevent recession,” Samaras said, emphasizing that the assets at hand are losing value as time passes, and that steps should be taken as soon as possible for this purpose, asked the government to support the government in his speech in the parliament. The two, which will be privatized quickly, include the railway enterprise "Trainose" and the electricity administration "PPC".

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