Personal Speed ​​Train Vectus Has Begun to Be Tested in Many Worlds

Developed by the Italian design agency Pininfarina, a fast-paced train vectus, which is a tool to accelerate the use in urban areas, has started to be tested in many parts of the world.
The vectus, which had been used in airports before, has now set its sights on urban transport and has gone a long way for it. Your high-speed train will start to be used in South Korea in 2013. This mini-train aims to be the most economical and fast way to move from one place to another. With this vehicle going on the rails, you definitely don't think about traffic. By deploying the rails to a certain height, you can gain an extra traffic area that does not block traffic.
Previously used at the airports for safe passenger transport, vectus strengthened its image by proving its success that it could be suitable for city life. This way, vectus uses only computer control so you can go from place to place without a driver. It takes you to the address you gave when you were first riding. The tool also allows for multi-use, allowing one person to transport up to 10. Nice work.

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