Karsta 300 Thousand Square Meter Area Logistics Center will be established

AK Party Kars deputies Ahmet Arslan and Prof. Dr. Prof.Dr. Dr. Yunus Kılıç; “Is that possible? How can people believe that? Railway Logistic Center in Kars This is how logic in Erzurum. Logistics Center, which has been auctioned in Erzurum, is not closely related to us. Logistics Center, Logistics Village will be established in Kars. ”
AK Party deputies in Kars Ahmet Arslan and Professor. Dr. Dolphin Sword, "Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan (Kars-Tbilisi-Baku) are Railway pace. In parallel to these, there will be railway connections to Kars Iğdır Nahçıvan, Kars Trabzon. Is it possible for the Logistics Center to be built outside Kars? We say pressing on it. The citizens of Kars will definitely not hesitate to establish the Logistics Center in Kars. The warehouse and logistics centers established outside of Kars are not closely related to Kars. 42 million TL investment, which will be completed parallel to the Logistics Center BTK Railway. In this direction, we continue our activities with the ministry and the relevant general directorate. Bu
Expressing that the people of Kars will have a Logistics Center, AK Party Deputies Ahmet Arslan and Prof. Dr. Yunus Kılıç said that they do not make words like other people, on the contrary, the investments made in Kars are certain. kazanThey noted that they found it more appropriate to announce it to the citizens when it happened.
WHAT WILL BE IN KARS LOGISTICS CENTER Kars Tbilisi, Kars At the intersection of the Iğdır railway projects, the Kars Logistics Center will be established at an area of ​​approximately 300 thousand square meters at the Mezra stop.
Accordingly, at Kars Logistics Center; “8 railway lines reaching the warehouse area, 5 railway lines in the bonded area, 9 warehouse warehouses on an area of ​​148.752 square meters, Entrance security building, Customs administration building, Customs brokers building, Catenary and posotome building, Logistics companies building, Logistics center administration building, Guest house, Signaling and electrification control center, Heat center Water tank, Mosque, General kitchen, Fire brigade, Land vehicles maintenance and repair, Health center, Signalization and electrification building,, Social facilities Restaurant and Mall, Driver resting facility, TCDD administration building, TCDD dining hall Logistics will be Turkish bath, Fuel station and Total closed area of ​​173.851 square meters. Thousands of people will work in the center.

Source : I beyazgazete.co

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