Kars-Erzurum Railway 73 Renewed After Year

📩 24/11/2018 20:16

Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), 1939-1951 years caused transport and completed the construction of Erzurum-Kars railway line renovation work was started.
This year a total of 187 kilometers of road renovation will be done.
According to the news of Ufuk İnce from COMPASS News; The road renewal works, which have been continuing for 2 years, are planned to be completed on September 12, 2013. State Railways 45th Road Maintenance and Repair Manager Suat Ocak said that the Erzurum-Kars railway line, which has been in service for about 70 years and has not undergone any repairs, will be renewed in 2013 and will be connected to the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku train line, which will be opened in the same year. Road Maintenance and Repair Manager Ocak said:
“We are changing the rails laid between 1939-1951. We started the road renewal works on the Erzurum-Kars line last year. In 2011, we renewed 53 km of road. This year, we started our work from where we left within the program we determined. Our goal in this year's road renewal project is 124 km. In our work that we started on June 4, 16 km so far. we have completed a road study. In line with our plans, we will open 2 construction sites. One of them will be the Horasan construction site, which we have started to work on now, and the other will be the 2nd stage construction site to be opened in Kars Sarıkamış. We are planning to start our construction site in Sarıkamış towards the middle of July.
116 workers are currently employed at our construction sites. Together with the technical staff, approximately 150 officials participate in the work. If we calculate the cost of the works without adding the materials used, only the cost of the worker is km. 40 or 45 thousand TL per head. It varies between. Last year 36 thousand TL. the neighborhood also had a cost. We have been given a deadline until September 12th by the general management to complete the works. Within this period, we are planning to complete the first stage and open it for use. Setting up a construction site is not an easy task, it is a matter that requires a long process. 28 km on the Erzincan line. There is a study. We are planning to start the 2nd stage construction site after its completion. The work done is a road renewal work done in U2 standards.
We comply with the standards
It is done within the standards set by the International Railway Association. Thus 2 total 182 km per year. We will complete the road. If we look at the differences between our old rails and our new rails, the weight of the 1 meter of our old rails is 39.520 kg. but the weight of our new rails 1 meter 49.430 was made in kg. Over time, their tonnage was made resistant to increased load capacity. The travertines used in the railways had a wooden structure and now they have been changed into concrete molds that are all in accordance with the standards. The length of the rails we have disassembled has been increased from 12 to 180 meters. We've switched to less than long pieces and long pieces.
Wind will sound
In this way, the famous rail sound of the trains will be mixed into history and only the wind will be heard. Another important issue is the recycling of recycled materials. Materials to be taken by the Machinery Chemical Industry will be re-used where necessary.

Source: Kars newspaper

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