Karabük University Rail Systems Engineering Department

Karabuk University Railway Systems Levent Ozen
Karabuk University Railway Systems Levent Ozen

This year, Karabük University will accept students to the newly opened Rail Systems Engineering Department in order to raise competent individuals in the Rail System sector. We are pleased to be the first program to be opened at the undergraduate level for our industry. In fact, to say it first opened programs in Turkey would not be very accurate. Yıldız Technical University was founded in 1911 by the French under the name "Conductor School" to train railroad engineers. However, due to the policies carried out in our country and for various reasons, the university changed its mission and took its current form. Today, we congratulate Karabük University for this great service they have started to train engineers for this sector again.

As it is known, Rail Systems is an industry that includes many branches. So it is very difficult to be a fully rail system engineer by reading a single section. Programs in Europe are divided into branches such as Rail Systems Electricity, Mechanics, Electro-mechanics, Signalization, Vehicle Engineering. As stated in their missions, Karabuk University aims to provide basic education from all departments. However, our opinion is that a student studying in this section should choose a branch at the end of the 4th semester and specialize in a single field at the latest. We think that the university and department officials should work with the sector in this direction. Likewise, it is required that an engineer graduating from this department is required to do a master's degree on Rail Systems in a more special branch. We wish Karabük University to work in this direction in the following years and to start graduate programs.

Although Karabük University aims to provide basic level training in the fields of machinery, electrical-electronics and civil engineering, it is seen that mostly academic courses are focused on mechanics courses. Some of the courses and branches that are intended to be given are as follows:

Apart from these, he takes part in the academic program in rail systems specific courses such as Fundamentals of Rail Systems Engineering, Transport Technology and Economy, Railway Safety Standards, Testing and Inspection of Railways Vehicles, Urban Rail Transport Systems, Railways Traffic Control, General Rail System Management, and Railway Line Planning. In addition, courses on very comprehensive topics such as Locomotive and Wagon Design and Signalization are also included in the program, but the time allocated to these courses is very little. In particular, the signaling lesson is taught 2 hours a week and can only be given as "Introduction to Signaling Systems".

We see that our sector is reviving in our country, new ones are added to the existing urban and inter-city lines, activities such as seminars, symposiums, fairs in this area are made more, more scientific articles are published in universities, large projects are developed and special sections are opened in rail systems. It gives great happiness. In this context, we wish you success in the Department of Rail Systems Engineering in Karabük University and the engineer candidates who will study in this department.

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