Why Is Izmir's Metro Not Finished (2)?

Before continuing the Metro series, I would like to share a news I received today with you, if you remember the Ministry of the Interior for Narlıdere Municipality decision no; 2012 / 31, the date of the decision on the date of 09.01.2012, Narlıdere Municipality, permission to investigate, the Council of State has been challenged. However, according to the allegations made to me, the State Council has not accepted the objection and has referred to the court. According to allegations, Narlıdere Municipality, the Supreme Administrative Court kept the decision as a secret.
Leaving the investigations aside for now, let's continue the unending subway journey.
Yes Bayindir construction, Istanbul Bus Terminal-Bagcilar has left the subway, although everyone knows, Aziz President, did not hear, did not see, I do not know he knows?
As I mentioned in my last article, Bayındır İnşaat: 90.898.248 YTL, Tinsa LTD: 119.952.592 YTL, Ceylan İnşaat: 132.836.993 YTL, UKR metro & Gülermak: 132.900.788 YTL
It may be necessary to add that among the companies that made these offers, Gülermak was the most effective and the one who delivered many metro projects before and that his proposal was rational. Because Bayındır gave a 3 in 1 cheaper price than Gülermak. Like the "stew of cheap meat" that the ancients did not say for nothing.
Here, the 2005 monthly process from January 2005 to June 5, where the subway process was announced, should not avoid attention. Because the process of construction, which we will do quickly and finish, has been passed to you even if at least 5 months have been delayed, In fact, the most important detail that should be emphasized here is,
In such large projects, there are certain periods of time due to the nature of the goods. That's why 20 will finish in the month is not right to make ambitious explanations. While it is always necessary to take into account the deviation share, the President has not always made a show about it.
Güzelyalı metro station has been canceled, the project was not done here while the surveys, the main consideration here is the detail, here is the eye of the octopus,
The cancellation of Güzelyalı metro station is the most important proof that the project is wrong.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Koca There is a misunderstanding. Some work in the state does not go as desired. We made the tender for this line according to the Public Procurement Law. Bayındır Construction won and the Public Procurement Authority approved the result. If we do not give the tender to Bayındır Construction; The Public Procurement Authority would cancel the tender Kamu
In the 2006, after years of the same head together tells them, "I will not tender to the Mafia, I canceled the tender presidency using my right" knowing that the same president, the SDIF who ate debt, you're Istanbul metro job in 2001 half leaving canceling why the tender of flourishing Construction Order May I ask, Big President.
Luckily we subject our Let's go, if at the end of 2005 years until May 6 monthly loss of time and Güzelyalı'da due 100 considered to be total 9 monthly loss with daily delays, the remaining jobs in the subway construction in process until xnumx'y September to May 2006 this How to finish the 2007 month seems to be in need. This is 16 month since the construction of the subway construction is determined. 24 has a monthly loss. Therefore, 9 monthly time is required to complete the work. 33 monthly business, according to the commitment signed by the company, how is the 33 completed in the month?
33 monthly business 16 to a company that is already suffering from the end of the month to sign the undertaking to sign the undertaking and believe in this signature is a point to be asked.
Is it possible to say that the President of the President's team has checked the information given to him? Questions to be answered
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality terminated the contract with the contractor firm Bayındır İnşaat, which could not fulfill its obligations. The construction period, which should be completed in 22 months, has extended ...
Everyone was wondering what would happen now.
Why was the 2005 forgotten in March in the tender? Did the companies participating in the tender have metro experience? The companies to participate in the tender should be subjected to financial, administrative and technical evaluations.
Who will be installed in May 2005 2006 skin line to be passed until December xnumx'y puncture just blame the 1.5 km tunnel in the process of finishing the year 4.2 1.1 km tunnel and the rest of the bitmemesi km tunnel?
What do you call the President, and you have the money?
If you want to remember the dates of the postponements that started at that time. 1. Date May 2017, second date September 2007, 3. Date Range 2007, 4. Date Range 2008.
St. President loved to give history, then,
Completion of 5.5 24 km of subway construction as seen month when targeting only 10 months will finish the construction of a subway bit of explanation is an interesting case he made xnumx'luk%. 15 1.5 10 90 15 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX
After the canceled Üçyol-Üçkuyular metro construction contract, it was announced that 15 will be re-auctioned in January. Also, the information given to the media in the Bornova-Evka 3 line will be tender.
As you can see, before the end of one of them, the second one is entered. Similar errors are made in Ankara. Ankara, which entered the construction of the 3 subway, could not complete any of them and all the remaining lines were transferred to the ministry. If only the 3 line was to be made instead of the 1 line, at least the 1 line would have been completed. Entering the other line before the end of a line in Izmir has further increased problems.
The legal procedures in the procurement processes are ignored and the public is given an kamu immediate kamu image.
2 in Üçyol-Üçkuyular. The date of the tender to be held once the auction was announced as 6 March. The company that will take over the project will continue from where Bayındır left the contract to be terminated.
6 station will be made. Izmirspor Station: Hatay Military Hospital, Hatay Station Color Station, Goztepe Station, Faculty of Theology Junction, Polygon Station, Guzelyali Station, Tansas Point, Fahrettin Altay Station - Fahrettin Altay Square
As it is seen, targets that will not be realized are put in place again. In the first tender, the construction time of 22 to 24 month will be finished in 10 month for the remaining 90 job, although only% 18 of the works is finished. It is evident how much of the targeted 24 month period is far from reality by ignoring the 18 month period in the first auction and the problems that arise after the start of the business.
The other issue that needs to be emphasized, the emergence of underground streams and because Güzelyalı'da 4 liters of water flow per second which is hard to disregard the tunnel drilling tender Güzelyali station is also added. These are the steps taken without thinking about the future and without a solid ground survey. (this station has been canceled in the following process)
Saint President, due to postpone of the subway, to apologize to his fellow countrymen, constantly trying to save the day by giving misleading information to the future, there were local elections in front of you known.
Izmir in transformation, living standards in the completion of the cities of these projects will rise she continued to declare without getting bored, big head, again without getting bored, we will start taking from the second half of 2008 years, she was talking in the squares.
The second tender was ultimately made,
Since the 10% of the metro construction was completed, the bid for the remaining% 90 amounted to more than 100 million YTL even from the offer for 46.
If the 10 part of the metro construction was not finished, it was assumed that all work was given to the whole work; 90 for 136 million USD would be 100 million USD for the offer% 150.
1. 2 where the tender is received at a low price, and this situation has been undertaken by IMM without too much questioning. the tenders submitted once again appeared. Looking at the figures; 2. There was an increase of up to% 60 with the first tender of the tender. So you will be paid more money than 10% 60 less than% XNUMX.
Nobody questioned this,
2. 136 million 493 thousand 246 in the tender with the lowest bidder Bozoglu Construction will be invited to the contract was announced. It is also stated that the construction time of the metro is 540 days (18 month).
18 does not deviate from the target to be completed in the month, the course is not taken from the past and inconsistent end dates are flying in the air.
As can be seen, the 5.5 mileage has been extended to 8.8 km, but the intended construction time has been reduced from 24 to 18 months.
It is obvious how realistic goals are put and there is no need for much comment.
Despite all these difficulties, the public was still given promising messages and the facts about metro construction were hidden from the public.
Come on, the or gang case? Of İBB is your pride and honor.
Although the tunnel excavation of the Izmirspor station has ended in those days, the fact that 2012 is in the midst of the 3.5 is still thought-provoking.
How are the works in the tunnel?
Meanwhile, in the press, the tunnels met, the hardest period has been overcome, soon we will take the metro with my fellow citizens, news began to fly.
As seen, due to ground problems, there has not been a single word description to the public regarding the cost increases caused by the project change in 3 station.
The positive aspects of the project have always been told to the public, but the problems have always been discussed behind closed doors.
Because of his untrue statements, no one could say that the President is not saying the truth.
It was stated that 2 was going back year after the first tender. 2. 240 days is the 8 month, so the time lost to go to the tender. 8 month of the loss of the 24 month to be expressed as a misleading public opinion?
19 March could be completed at the bottom of the Izmirspor metro station, which will be opened until the local elections of 2009. The escalator came up to the surface of the ramp tunnel. 2009 / 145 = 12 Monthly budget must be spent for the completion of the metro construction at the end of 12. The results of the arbitration committee regarding the price differences were announced but not shared with the public.
The cost of the construction of the metro, which was awarded to 139 million YTL, has increased to 240 million YTL.

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