Why doesn't the Metro of Izmir (3)?

Local elections were held and Aziz Kocaoglu was again elected as the head of the IMM. As it is seen, the aim of ”taking İzmir i was not realized. Since there was no process of JCC cancellations at this date, the claim that the government blocked the subway in Izmir was blocked by the GCC. Because the JIK process emerged after Kocaoglu won the election. The claim that dı the government has broken the metro k remains a chronologically unreasonable claim. When the JCC process is taking place, Kocaoglu is already 2. was chosen once. The next election will be held in March 2014. 5 times in the 10 times in the KIK, but still could end the metro.
The contractor firm Mesut Bozoğlu, Vice Chairman of Bozoğlu İnşaat said, ısı The work is delayed by the approval of the revision projects. There is nothing to do with our company, in he says. In The consultant firm was paid the price for this preparation, but when we went under the floor, we realized that the projects were not applicable. We warned her to correct, but the ear was not hanged. Düzel
Didn't he come out of his way because he knew the truth?
IBB President said Y Bozoglu Construction has no guarantee PROJE, but do you still have confidence in the project, YA PROJE EKSIK AND YANLIS SA!
Kocaoglu, ın Üçyol-Üçkuyular also have problems. The concrete will be finished until November. If a good contractor is a good organization, there is no reason why 2009 doesn't end up as far as 2010 or XNUMX. The contractor doesn't, but he will. If he's not doing it, someone else does. O
According to the mayor, the perpetrator was guilty, if you remember, why didn't he put the stone on the stone?
City, 'Izmir, we we weave with iron nets' posters of the air, throwing the eye of the public 'Masalci President', connecting the spider web in Izmir has disappointed. Shame for Izmir. In the last 10 year in which the municipalities of CHP were managed, a one-meter rail system was not implemented in Izmir. Only the 11.5 kilometer metro line has finished the 90 of that line to Burhan Ozfatura, but has always been touted as if Ahmet Piristina had done it.
Caglar Bozoglu, "University reports have proof." He tried to make his voice heard, what was the university reports hiding, or he gave the reports why the university did not give an explanation?
As I said at the beginning of my article series, how did you implement a project with a project error? This is what should be questioned.
History, 14.08.2009 Dr. Burhan ÖZFATURA, in the history of 14.08.2009, expressed his observations for the subway, why were these observations ignored?
I am looking at the pictures of Mayor Aziz Bey, who was published in newspapers and walking in the subway construction. Sometimes the depth of the depth of the depth of the directory is dipping. This is proof that the problems mentioned above are experienced one to one.
Üçyol-F. Does the tunnel collapse? The danger mentioned in the subway construction (the possibility of collapse) can only be mentioned in sections which have only temporary temporary and not yet covered with floor concrete. Because the water problem from the tunnel wall (for whatever reason) is likely to create a danger to the incomplete tunnel structure in the case of temporary support in relation to the amount of water.
During the construction of the metro in 1999 (especially in the construction of the Fevzipaşa underground station) we encountered this and similar situations. However, the immediate measures we took and the interventions of the experienced technical team have eliminated the risks.
Whether or not there will be a subway tunnel; The technical responsibility of the project is loaded and the report prepared or prepared by the consultant firm who receives money from the municipality for his services is of vital importance. In other words, rather than relying on speculation, the technical report of the consultant firm should be respected. However, if there is any doubt and sensitivity about the trust in the municipality about the consultant company, it can be requested from the relevant experts of the independent universities and to prepare a report.
All actions must be carried out in an open / transparent environment. (In our period, there were also representatives of the 4 party in the municipal council on the administrative and supervisory boards of the metro company.) The public should be given frequent and frequent information. I believe that this investment is vital for Izmir. And I sincerely wish it to be achieved as soon as possible without any problems.
Burhan brain, at least half of these observations if you take into consideration, I believe that these situations will not come today.
At the regular parliamentary meeting in the metropolitan area, where the metron was spoken, AKP Group Vice President Kenan Çakar said some rumors were circulating that the construction company had not been able to get the merits. Meclis Every businessman wants to make money. Why did not Bozoğlu Construction Company work on the subway, did not get the merit? Çalış asked questions.
At that time, the president said, lık I am comfortable with conscience, we have the money to build two subways. O
First Bayındır and then Bozoğlu. The Metropolitan Municipality could not complete the project with two contractors. Today is the court with both of them.
St. President had begun to be more and more in court at that time.
The interesting details of the bureaucrat related to the construction of the subway between Üçyol-Uçkuyular, which cannot be finished and not known when it will be finished, has not been shared with the public until now.
What a bureaucrat said would explain the gravity of the incident, and if I can access these records after so many years, why did the bureaucrat's words clog up?
There's no problem in the subway. But for some reason they say that some problems cannot be solved for technical reasons. For example, Güzelyalı Station is said to be canceled due to ground rot.
It's not such a funny thing in the world. The people who make them say these are extremely wrong and unfortunate statements. There was an historic Sarıkışla in Konak. We've made it to Konak Metro station on part of it.
Is Güzelyalı's floor worse than Konak? We saw that we were on the Sarıkışla's stakes while we were making Konak Station. We gave the piles of 6 meters and 9 meters from the chestnut tree to the City Museum. It's made on stakes.
19 on a floor so messed up. century building with stakes, we 20. At the end of the century we got there into Konak station. Because of the technique of the Konak Konak, they offered partnership to the contractor company doing the work. Now they are doing the Dubai Metro, the world's largest metro project together with our contractor company. Because Konak Station is a magnificent building in water. It is a structure that stands on water with its own weight, which is not the basis of any place. Now these are made, 21. Is it possible to say ”We cannot make the floor bad yap in Güzelyalı Station in the 19th century? How do you do if you have a passenger? I tell my technical knowledge based on the events we've had; The station is made to anywhere. I have worked in the construction of the metro in 11 years. I know that. Of course, we have prepared the technical conditions of the work, the tender documents very well, and we have done the work correctly. We found a good advisor. A proper, technical specification, consultant with a good tender and serious technical knowledge. The company that takes the technical responsibility of controlling the subway is very important. Look, there's a municipality consultant right now. But it's not clear what he's doing. It is being discussed that subway tunnels will collapse. This company has to come out and provide technical information. But not in the middle.
The company that made our consultancy service on the subway where we are finished is currently the consultant of the Bosphorus tube transit in the Marmaray Project. You will find a consultant to do this work for 10 thousand TL. But 10 also has a consultant firm that will do it for millions of dollars. Because these are valuable companies worldwide. This is an important.
This explanation actually explains everything, why didn't you consider the big president!
Constantly emphasized that the subway project was made with dayan own resources UM, the big president finally faced the facts. 90 started to rely on millions of adventures.
As a result of the tenders that returned to the board, Yapi Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu stole the door of Vakıflar Bank for loans from Vakıflar Bankası. The management of the Metropolitan Municipality, which received approval from the parliament in recent months for the withdrawal of 240 million TL in order to make the impact of the economic crisis deeper, used 50 million TL in this framework. The municipality decided to withdraw the 100 million TL tranche from Vakıflar Bankası until the end of the year.
With this loan, it is stated that both the ongoing investments and the subway auctions will be transferred to the subway investments. A part of the loan to be transferred to the subway construction of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun frequently emphasized in previous statements, "the municipality's use of resources in metro construction" period has ended.
While these credit purchases are continuing, after the KIK has canceled the last tender, Aiz president has started to make his defensible defenses, and the tender is yap for reasons of water baş and he is not known in Izmir, he is unknown in İzmir, he has an address in İzmir but he is not certain what he has done so far. starts to share with their fellow countrymen that they have been canceled.
So since you have made these explanations, let me ask you my questions, who did you give the first tender, did not give the company to the firm that left the Istanbul metro construction in 2001 which is a debtor of the SDIF? Either the company that received the second tender, my chairman, you have reflected the truth as it came to your business.
Did you not call the support of the people of İzmir, by calling the government a purely political, by throwing the sole remedy into the government?
Kocaoglu ağ We don't want to blame anyone, we will share it with the public when we prove it. We don't know what these people are, what they want, what their power is. We as Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir, unfortunately, we do not understand. But it's a reality we're facing with such a barrier.
16 January 2010, the lowest bid, Oztas, 510 for the completion of the work day was envisaged. However, the time has come until now with extensions.
16 on July 2010, explosion in Metro construction: 2 killed workers. 4 people were injured as well.
In this explosion, Özsakar Unfortunately, there is a very wide chain of errors in terms of occupational safety and health at the construction site where the incident occurred. Even if it is the work safety officer in the workplace, it does not even get into the tank.
Fairy tales, until today, came, constantly misleading information, opened opened, Izmir 300 money out of the pocket to date on the output of today, Burhan Ozfatura "Hanefi Caner away from the subway until the end was already, I have told Kocaooğlu how many times but did not listen ..."
Who is Hanafi Caner?
Hanan Caner, who completed the 11 kilometer between Izmir-Bornova and Üçyol, completed the year without any problems in the year, said that he was on the sled for the full 3.5 years in the Metropolitan Municipality.
I'm very hard to understand the President of the Republic, 21 YY are alive, the nation exceeds the sea, you can not 5.5 miles to the metro, the fairy tales are over, what is left to tell?
I think Binali Yildirim is a pile of advisors in Izmir and does he receive any information? Is the ground study of the subway correctly done, what is the report prepared by the university teachers? Do you just stay away from the subway? You will certainly have an answer to these questions, we are tired of tales, as you say, you can come to your partnership with Izmir and say it to me.

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