Working in İZBAN should not be unlucky

The concept of aya equal pay for equal work iyel, which the government has brought to the agenda from time to time and implemented in some areas, does not stop at the municipalities.
Some mayors who trust the budget and sign the collective bargaining agreements, make a substantial increase in the salaries of the employees and bring them to the right to human life, while others consider the larda our budget is this çalışan and their staff is ayı living with discretion güven.
Today, those who do the same work in various municipalities have to do the same job with the gap between them.
For example, a driver; in a municipality, while working on salaries above the 3 thousand, it has to pay the minimum wage in the other municipality and the lesser one.
However, each municipality is a public institution and the işe equal pay for equal work ve formula must be valid for all.
İZBAN personnel, whose collective bargaining negotiations are at an impasse, took an action decision; female employees will spend their working hours without make-up, men will not shave their beards.
Leaving this ın lord of action luy aside, if we look at the numbers of trade unionists, the result is pushing the limits of the ıp equal pay for equal work,.
For example; The staff who serve in similar public institutions other than İzmir do the same job at twice the rate in İzmir.
A mayor forced the institution's budget to be in collective bargaining, while those in İzmir said zor our opportunities are so Bir and they blocked the collective bargaining negotiations.
I would like to ask İZBAN authorities to re-initiate the negotiations reasonably, taking into account the salaries of similar institutions, and to free their staff from the situation of makul the badness of working in İZBAN İZ.
The habit of Izmir's I never liked ...
As a majority in Izmir, when we say good things about the city we live in, we immediately enter into the air, and when negative things are said, we enter the reaction race.
We're like people with a lot of complexity.
Our final target board is sports commentator Haşmet Babaoğlu.
What did he say, lem Izmir does not like, yap he said, followed by a comment.
Oh, sir, is that you, sir?
There's no insult to him.
We'il drown a spoon in the water. Especially if we see one of the streets of Izmir, we will let you know.
Is it the ever-changing atmosphere of this city that makes our people so complex, sensitive, feisty?
We are pulling out one or two sentences with tweezers that need to be lost between the words of the talker, or the newspaper's words.
I wonder if this is to be in the position of "giving 4 and getting 1 city", whose rights have been renewed by central governments for years, and when we say "we want our rights" sözcüI also wonder if being residents of a city that has been rebuked has an effect on this sensitivity.
Growing up those who do not deserve…
We've advertised a lot of people from nothing, so we put it in a big place.
Just like we did before this.
Whereas; double triple sohbetThere are so many of us who say "a huge village" while evaluating Izmir in the 25s, and those who say "we have not gone one step further for XNUMX years" ...
When others say one percent of what we say, "Wow, sir, are you talking about our beautiful city! ..."
You know, there are some mothers and fathers; We did not say anything about their own children, we did not leave insults, but they would start a fight if the other person said the smallest negative word in order to contribute to what they said… Ours is that account too.
However, in the face of bad words, we can use what we have beautiful words, even worth spending them.
We're raising a man for nothing ...
If we can look at ourselves as much as we look in the mouth of others, believe us, no one can hold us.

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