İZBAN workers from the collective action of the beard shaving will not be done, makeup will not be done

The meetings held in İZBAN resulted in a conflict with the employer's attitude. In response to this, the male employees 15 will not have a beard shave during the day, while female employees will not make up.
İZBAN (İzmir Suburban System), which has significantly relieved the traffic of İzmir and facilitated its transportation since the day it was established, fell into disagreement in the process of collective bargaining since it could not agree with its employees on the salary. The current wages in İZBAN AŞ, which is located in the rail transport sector, are quite behind when compared with the fees in TCDD, which is the 50 partner of İzmir Metro and İZBAN AŞ. For example, while the cost of a technician working in other companies of the sector is around 2 thousand pounds, a technician working in İZBAN receives a fee of 960 TL.
On the subject, the collective bargaining process carried out by the Rail-Work Union made a statement. In addition to the numerous employees of İZBAN, Hasan Hüseyin Karakoç, representative of Türk-İş Aegean Region, participated in the statement that took place in the union building.
Speaking here, Hüseyin Eryüz, the Head of the Turkish Railways-Business Branch, said that the company's 5 annual targets, which it put in front of passenger transportation, reached its first year and that the efforts of İZBAN employees should not be ignored in this success. Eryüz stated that the average number of two-and-a-half-months training was made free of charge when the employees first started to work, and said eğitim They started with the internship fee. However, there can be no two-year internship period in any institution. Employees no longer have the power to sustain their lives with existing wages. Most houses cannot pay their rent. There are almost no friends who do not owe to the banks, Bank he said. For these reasons, Mr. Eryüz announced that the male employees of İZBAN AŞ would not shave during 15 days, while the female employees would not make up. Eryüz added that they were open to negotiate with the employer.
Hasan Hüseyin Karakoç, representative of Türk-İş Aegean Region Representative who took the floor during the meeting, conveyed his views on the loan issue. Expressing that they want to eliminate the organized society with the application, Karakoç said, u We are strongly opposed to the practice of lending. But you will see they will pull back. They're pulsing. We call from here. Do not force our patience as Türk-İş, Türk he said.

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