İZBAN employees started to act!

As a result of the negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement, the members of the Railroad Work Union started to do the makeup and the men started the beard release.
After the collective bargaining negotiations with İZBAN resulted in conflict, it was decided by Demiryol İş Union that female employees do not wear makeup and men do not beard. 174 employees, including station operators, technicians, technicians, and machinists, participated in the act of not wearing make-up and beard after the union's decision to make their voices heard. Those who travel with İZBAN have always supported the struggle of the employees, whom they always consider well-groomed.
Stating that the average monthly fee of TL960 per month was spent on their hands, employees of İZBAN stated that they did not have much to lose. But we did not even offer a penny from the employer against this request. We are not taken seriously. İZBAN carries an average daily 1200 thousand passengers. Not only does the company make a profit, it also contributes greatly to the city economy. In this success, the contribution of our employees is great. All we want to do is live. The bank doesn't have any rent. 1900 will continue to do no make-up, beard-cutting during the day. The employer's attitude is important to us. The support of the passengers gives us morale, we will continue our struggle until we get our right. Yol

Source: Hürriyet



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