İZBAN has had nightmares

Citizens who cannot sleep due to the sound of the train also draw attention to the slips in Şirinyer. The residents of Hürriyet Mahallesi, which is located at the exit point of the Şirinyer İZBAN tunnel, are worried about the noise and slips in the tunnel retaining walls. Citizens arguing that the Metropolitan Municipality, İZBAN and TCDD are not interested in their problems due to the confusion of authority are waiting for an urgent solution.
The residents of Buca Hürriyet Mahallesi could not sleep due to the noise of the trains running to İZBAN and the districts at the point where the suburban line goes above the ground. Stating that the noise created by the trains moving at great speed from Şirinyer İZBAN Station is multiplied and reflected on the surrounding buildings, the residents of the neighborhood are confused about what to do because their complaint petitions are not taken into account.
Conflict of authority is taking place
Stating that 60 citizens submitted their petitions to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on behalf of the residents of the neighborhood, Hayri Gelecek said, “We received a response from the municipality that the modernization of the line was carried out by the metropolitan municipality, but the responsibility belongs to the TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate, since the owner of the line is TCDD. There has been no response from the railways that operate jointly with İZBAN for 8 months. "We are alone with a statement that the problem is long rather than trying to find a solution to the problem of the citizen, as it is unknown who has what responsibility."
Slip on walls
Incoming, who pointed out that there were noticeable shifts in the retaining walls placed at the exit point of the tunnel, said, “With our efforts, they placed iron platforms at the tunnel exit in order to stop the slips. However, the shifts continue, albeit slightly. This risk exists not only in Şirinyer but in all regions with similar tunnel exits. "Should there be a disaster in the neighborhood where there is a population of approximately 10 thousand people?"
Measure as soon as possible
Defending that they have not received any response to their petitions for 8 months, the locals demand that the noise created by the İZBAN trains working with regular line trains from 5.30 am to 1.30 am should be taken with a system with sound screens or a system that completely covers the tunnel. The residents of the neighborhood, who want an investigation by taking the slips on the walls seriously, draw attention to the fact that İZBAN, which revolutionized transportation, turned into a nightmare for them.
Petition disappeared
In the response given by the Suburban Rail System Investments Department Suburban Systems Branch Directorate on October 7, 2011 to Hayri Gelin, who applied to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on October 24, 2011 on behalf of the residents of Hürriyet Neighborhood, the responsibility of the operation and maintenance of the line was held at the TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate. and that the relevant complaint petition was sent to the regional directorate for the necessary action. The Republic of Turkey State Railways Directorate 3rd District, noting that such a type of achieving them, gave citizens the information needed to begin the examination if their demands.

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