Italy - A Police Chief Injured in Incidents in High Speed ​​Train Protest

The group of about 650 people who came to the construction site on the Italian side of the high-speed train line between Turin, Italy and Lyon, France protested the line and clashed with the police.
The construction site of the high-speed train line tunnel to be built near Val di Susa, between Turin and the French border of Italy, in Chiomonte, witnessed the action of a group of 22.00 protesters yesterday at 650:XNUMX local time.
The protesters clashed with the police in the action of the group that called themselves "No Tav", that is, "no to the high-speed train". The police intervened the demonstrators with water cannons.
A molotov cocktail thrown by the demonstrators during the incidents led to the injury of the Turin region chief of DIGOS, the Italian General Investigations and Special Operations division.
It is reported that an investigation has been opened against the action and the work for the determination of those responsible for the incident is continuing.
The 57 kilometer tunnel, which will be opened for the Turin-Lyon high-speed train line, will pass through the mountain, where uranium and asbestos are found. Activists say that this will both adversely affect human health and harm the environment.
For the 13 kilometer section of the Italian section of the tunnel, discussions have been going on for years.

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