Istanbul Beyoğlu Nostalgic Tram Line Will Be Renewed

Fatih Harbiye Tram Overturned in Beyoğlu Two Injured Dead
Fatih Harbiye Tram Overturned in Beyoğlu; Two Dead, 30 Injured

📩 22/10/2023 07:31

IETT put out a tender for the renewal of the line. The renewal of the line is expected to be completed within a year after the tender process and will cost approximately 30 million lira. The "nostalgic tram" operating on the 1640-meter line between Tünel and Taksim serves 6 thousand passengers a day. Another "nostalgic tram" line in Istanbul Kadıköy-The one in Moda was opened in 2003.

In Istanbul, (perhaps in Turkey) Beyoglu, one of the two lines "nostalgic tram" will be renewed line. IETT, the operator of the line, started the tender process for the renewal process.

Proposals for the renewal of the line will be given to IETT by the beginning of August. 30 of 40 will be covered by 2012 budget and 60 will be covered by 2013 budget. The renewal of the line is expected to be completed in one year after the completion of the tender process.

Rails, scissors and catenary lines on the route will be removed within the scope of the works; paving stones, drainage connections and other systems to be renewed. Within the scope of the 1640 meter main line between Taksim and Tunnel, a total of 2040 meters line will be re-laid with the meeting and warehouse line.
Tramway facilities between Taksim and Tunnel have been operating for 20 years. In fact, high gabaril (crane, fire brigade and so on) as a result of the vehicle hit the system damage and renewal process has become inevitable.

Within the scope of the works, the facility will be rebuilt except for the tracks and anchored parts. Materials from the catenary line disassembly will be delivered to IETT. The catenary system will be installed on the current route; IETT's approval will be sought in the materials to be used in the plant and in the assembly design.
There will be no tram operation in the regions where renewal works lasted for 24 hours. The contractor who will carry out the work can work for 24 hours, or if he wishes to do so in the 23.00-06-30 hours.

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