Istanbul metro is comfortable from the USA subway

📩 24/11/2018 20:31

In August, US President Barack Obama and his wife Michalle Obama to prepare for the introduction of Google's chauffeur-driven vehicle project, we will destroy the deaths and traffic monsters connected to the vehicle with this project. Blind spots will disappear with the driverless vehicle. To do this, we need first R & D, then capital and mapping all of our roads. In this sense, I rely on Turkey's infrastructure. Even more new sub-structure of Turkey from the infrastructure of the United States. Normally, it's safer. For the first time in my holiday this year, I used the Şişhane-Maslak subway in Istanbul. I was at my house in the 20 minute. This is a big gain from time. subway system in Turkey is safer and more comfortable than that of the USA. In the US, people go on the subway in a row. Hence the Istanbul subway is of higher quality than 100.

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