Rail to Istanbul Street

Istanbul Street, which was recently closed for parking, will drop into a single lane and then rail for the tram.
Istanbul Street, which is one of the most important streets of Duzce, will pass trams like Istanbul's famous Beyoglu and Istiklal Street. In this context, the street was first closed for long-term parking. Now there are preparations for a single lane on the street. After the single lane application, the work on the street rail system will begin.
Mayor Ismail Bayram, who gave information on the subject, said that the work done to relieve the traffic in the city and the works for the railway system progressed to the stage stage.
A Street Is Not Closed
Bayram, en Our project in the street is closed to traffic and rail system installation. Ensuring public transport with a wagon like İstiklal Street. We proceeded to the stage to reach this point. We first applied a parking ban. Now we are making a preparation for the single strip application. Then we will mention the rail system. These are the next studies. There are other arrangements we need to make at different points in the city for all of these to function properly. We're working on them. İstanbul Caddesi is the most important street of Düzce since its establishment. We need to do all the work on this street. We take steps to relax the traffic in the city. Therefore, Istanbul Caddesi, the most important of them "closed" to say that a street is not closed. For this reason, we have to bring the reasons to a point where the majority will agree. Bu

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