Rising heat in Istanbul writes a letter to Mercedes for a BRT passenger

One of the Metrobus passengers could not bear any more and wrote a letter to the manufacturer. He wrote in the passenger letter, “Please do not put a standard air conditioner on the metrobuses produced for Istanbul”.
All-high temperatures this year in Istanbul, Turkey, as in, every day is intolerable state cram in around Metrobus. Even the air conditioners that are thought to have been opened until the end of the metrobus are not enough to cool inside. Passengers are officially suffering due to excessive density and heat.
One of the passengers whose journeys turned into frustration could not bear this situation anymore and wrote a letter to the manufacturer. Letter of the company formally pleading passengers to Turkey for extra air conditioning installation of the Metrobus produced and installed automatically asked to have the air conditioning. The passenger explained the reason for the demand for automatic air conditioning, "drivers should not be stingy and squint".
Here is the interesting letter of the Metrobus passenger in the eccentricity:
“Dear Mercedes-Benz officials
I ask you, I beg, I'm closing to your feet, but what you're produced for Istanbul, especially metrobus do not put standard air conditioners. I know you design these people as European people, but it doesn't work here. If you will put the air conditioning more powerful, don't demand that you open the extra fee for it, our managers don't give that money. fit for a case. or ask for three times more money than normal, then you can buy. As the Dutchman has sold us, you have what you lack. If these air conditioners are running manually or something, turn it off and run automatically. It's like they're shutting it down so they can burn. or cancel the drop-down window at the driver and reduce the ventilation grilles. And I'm not saying anything in that back seat or whatever.

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Günceleme: 24/11/2018 20:38

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