New News and Applications from IDO, IETT and TCDD

In accordance with the changing global economic order in Turkey's economy and economic practices in recent years it began to go to the major application changes. One of the sectors that took their share from these changes was the transportation sector. Many of these practices had a negative impact on passengers and customers, but also received significant reactions. Here is the latest regulations and practices within the transportation area.
IDO Flexible Price Application Reaction
Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO), last week, the transport agenda with an application that marked its customers almost exasperated. With this application called Flexible Price, İDO had the right to raise prices in terms of ticket prices. İDO, who started the ticket at a low price and increased the price according to the time of the ticket, came to a harsh response from the passengers. Other applications in IDO were as follows:
Driver in the driver is included in the driver.
Car ferry passengers are being paid a lot to get ahead.
The service fee is overcharged.
Those who want a glass edge are charged extra.
Removing career discounts.
A round-trip ticket can only be collected from the box office and the fare is increasing.
The internet site is not healthy enough to get tickets online.
Due to intense complaints from these applications, İDO gave up some applications. Accordingly, the flexible price will not be applied on vehicles from Monday to Thursday but will continue on passengers.
IETT Retirement Card No More
With the arak Retirement Card ver implemented by IETT up to now, the retired police and the police free travel right were stopped by this week and only the working officers were granted this right.
TCDD Liberalization Application
Transportation, Shipping and Communications Minister Binalı Yıldırım brought the agenda with railways investments, the implementation of railways liberalization will start the year.
Such practices in the area of ​​transportation and travel are exhausting the budget of every passenger. While car companies are continuing their summer campaigns, you can use the vehicle loan calculation tool to select the most appropriate vehicle loan option and you can have a new car.

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