Ibrahim Chechen shocked! Bridge 3 remained corrupt

North Marmara Highway 3. Sakarya section plan connecting to the bridge cancel.
'3', which was raised with the. Maintenance congestion Fatih in the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (FSM). The connection between the bridge and the Northern Marmara motorway in Sakarya province has been canceled. Since the customers can not be found in the Build-Operate-Transfer tender, some of the roads are removed and the cost is reduced and the tender is reduced to 3. Bridge, Sakarya 1. With this decision of the Administrative Court, he was completely karar corrupt “in the Anatolian part.
Architect Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, for the traffic crisis experienced with the repair in FSM Mimar This situation is 3. he proves the need for a bridge u and he confirmed the suspicion of “the hidden cause of congestion”.
According to the report of Oktay Ekinci from the Republic, while Topbaş was making this “confession”, the decision to engage the 3rd bridge to the zoning plans, which established the relationship of the XNUMXrd bridge with the Northern Marmara highway, was found against the law.
'On one's last legs'
. 3 from ŞPO Istanbul Branch. In the statement titled “One Foot of the Bridge“ iyor Istanbul 3. Ring road and 3. In the case of our case against the decision taken by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Council for the processing of the 1 / 25 thousand-scale route plan and the 1 / 5 thousand-scale highway and connection roads project of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project, which includes the Bosphorus Passage, for the Sakarya province, Sakarya 1. The Administrative Court decided to annul the decision of the parliament on the grounds that it was unlawful. it reaffirms the necessity of the development of public transportation from land and sea, not the necessity of the bridge.
Istanbul Plan
On the other hand, the Chamber of Architects Istanbul Büyükkent Branch of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council 17 October 2010'da accepted with the ehir majority of the 3. The cancellation case against the Marmara 1 / 25 Thousand Scale Istanbul Province North Marmara Motorway Master Plan olu which contains the bridge continues.
Similarly, 1 / 100 3 in the notes of the thousand scale plan. the case for the annulment of additions, which means the approval of the bridge, has not been finalized yet.
3. In the event that the bridge is completely unlawful despite the fact that the bridge has lost its so-called legal grounds, it is also possible to add the ileri Bosphorus Bridge ün which is one of the famous slums of Istanbul. 3. The preparations for the construction of the bridge have not yet begun, and the contractor, İçtaş Construction Industry Trade Inc.-Astaldi Joint Venture Group is interpreted as baş waiting for the results of the case kö in order not to waste.

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