Fast Train Future Investment

Deputy Ebubekir Gizligider is one year in his speech
he explained the investments made to the city. Gizligider on 8 page
the high-speed train has great importance in their investments
For the project Nevşehir invested in the future
Gizligider about the great effort they made lig Antalya-Konya- Nevsehir-
For the investment between Kayseri and 2035 in the first planning
to enter into 2023 plan by entering into cooperation
High-speed train in Nevşehir
Gizligider about living, to make the investment as soon as possible
he continued.
Murat Göktürk, one of the deputies, stated that
he said that it was not spontaneous, that the result of a great labor took place.
A part of the deputies, people raising hands, downloading
Göktürk noted that they are qualified as persons, it is not true,
they told me that they carry the responsibility of a thousand 50 by hand.

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