Hitachi President of the European Group Stephen Gomersall, said they want to gain speed rail system in Turkey

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Hitachi Europe Group Chairman Stephen Gomersall, before Singapore, used in Dubai and Tokyo and the "bullet train", also known as high-speed train systems, saying they wanted to give to Turkey, "We are closely watching the Turkey market, the implementation of the company and our rail solutions with local authorities as Hitachi We are ready to meet for you. ”
Answering the questions of AA reporter, Gomersall said, “One of our areas of expertise is light and fast rail systems. We have three basic product groups in this regard. The first one is trains designed for intercity travel, the speed of which goes up to 225 kilometers. The second is the light rail vehicles that can be used in metro systems that can reach 140-160 kilometers in the city. Our third product is the vehicles we call the light single rail (havaray). ”
Gomersall, said he was aware of the shortage of public transport in major cities in Turkey, "we see that the application of these systems in Asian countries, especially in Singapore. We see that these systems create extremely fast and economical solutions in crowded cities. We are watching closely the Turkey market, Hitachi the company and are willing to negotiate with local authorities for the implementation of our rail solutions, "he said.
Gomersall continued his business as follows:
"We looked at the market and we have done so far Turkey market assessment. But one of the projects I want to advance concrete kesinlike held hands in a way high-speed rail systems in Turkey.
Visitors to Japan traveled by high-speed train called bullet train. Hitachi is actually one of the companies that built this train and installed its technology. We took this technology and used it on trains in England. We will manufacture trains and wagons as a result of a recent agreement we will complete in the UK. The need to train for the purchase of parts to be produced in Europe, we want to take advantage of the manufacturers in Turkey. Turkey also turned attention to the making of high-speed railway system, Turkey is becoming an interesting market for us. "
- “We are interested in lignite power plants”
Gommersall of Hitachi's engineering strength indicating that they want to merge with the experiences of Turkish companies, "especially in Turkey on this issue (the establishment of power plants based on lignite) I know you're a concerned. In this sense, the company is continuing to negotiate with the government level and in Turkey, "he said.
Gomersall, "We've built our work in the past large power plants in Turkey and we're extremely pleased with the latter. To continue the installation of these plants will be used in coal power plants in Turkey and the largest generator and we plan to make the production of boilers, "he said.
South Africa 800 megawatts and the Netherlands in Rotterdam 790-megawatt capacity of Gomersal stating that they continued the construction of two power plants, "this kind of power plants entering into cooperation with a construction company in Turkey, we want to perform with Turkish companies. On the other hand, in Turkey we currently have cooperation and we are examining a number of parallel running projects. Our goal in the short term to establish working at peak efficiency power plant in Turkey, "he said.
Gomersall, noting that Turkey can become an important link in the supply chain products for the European and Asian markets, "We see Turkey in both Europe and worldwide can buy many of the ingredients as a source country. Turkey is a country that we see as particularly metal-based resources for the purchase of the product. our office in Turkey will be one of the main tasks of the work on acquisitions to be made from Turkey, "he said.
Gomersall stressed the growing strength of Turkey's economy, "Turkey's strategic position not only, I believe the same time promising economic stability and potential. One of the most important centers for our growth as Hitachi Turkey, "he said.
Stating that Hitachi has a 100-year history, Gomersall said, “We have started to increase in developing countries in recent years. We have 11 of the next global development in Turkey will be the most important for us about. Turkey is a central area with the right strategy for us in that sense. Hitachi already been operating for 30 years in Turkey. But now we think it's time to upgrade to a new level our business in Turkey, "he said.
Gommersall continued:
"Turkey has some special reasons why we chose especially as a focal point. Turkey is the focal point of our choosing, Turkey's large and young population, Turkey's economy in recent years have gained rapid growth momentum, increasing the role of major strategic importance in the region and Turkey's stability in the business environment. Turkey focusing more we can raise the level of our exports to the European Union. Also, with companies in Turkey, establishing partnerships, we think we can increase our effectiveness in the region in the Far East and the Middle East. Turkey has an extremely strong industrial base. "
ATMs with finger vein mapping
Gomersall stated that in February of this year, Hitachi received 3 "Finger Vein Map Scanner" orders for ATMs from a bank, and in April, they signed an agreement for a total of 400 thousand interactive whiteboard software licenses. .
Regarding the vein readers that have recently been used in ATMs, Gomersal said, “One of the most important features of Hitachi technology is fast and reliable. You place your finger in a tube and quickly map your vessel to your credentials by mapping the vessel on your finger. We believe this will be used by many financial institutions and governments in areas such as social security and pension payments. ”

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