PRESIDENT RECEP ALTEPE: Local tram said that 'İpekBöceği' is better quality than world famous tram brands

Turkey's first local tram 'Silk beetle's world-famous tram, indicating that higher quality than brand Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe,' We can do this job 2,5 years. We do trams, and some of them speak the slope. In Switzerland the tram goes up the mountain. We will be here?
Bursa industrialists Hilton Hotel Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe coming together, the world is no longer in the race of the city, he noted that there is time for Turkey to waste time. Underlining the need for Bursa to create new products and brands, Altepe said, 'We need to develop our engineering and make a breakthrough. We have a young population. We must renew ourselves. Bursa should now be a city that produces its own brands. Technology is no longer a secret. Now there's technology in the world. We must direct people towards innovation. We're in the municipality. We're taking the rail vehicle. We're giving 8 million dollars to a wagon. The 4 32 car costs $ 1 million. Why not keep this money in Bursa? Why do hundreds of industries work for themselves. Why not sell it to the world as a Turkish property. The whole work is craftsmanship. Let us set up our own systems. Strengthen our cadres' he said.
The subway car is produced by the subway trains Altepe, 'We said during the election period and we started to work on this issue. Now we need a subway car. They're all the same. The German doesn't have more than us. We are good in many ways from them. There are 22 thousand companies in Europe. We also have the company on 22 bin machine. The Silk Beetle will go to Berlin in September. The tram is better quality than others. We have cheaper labor. The wave of the German wave is our own. Better material 'he said.
Turkey's tram producing 6 the world. Altepe pointed out that the city, Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch also responded to the criticism of the slope. Altepe, said:
'We no longer want to build domestic vehicles from outside. We want to do this here. Some parts are not domestic because there is no worldwide approval. 50 percent of the locals around this tram. After all, a path is entered. A certain goal is achieved. We could do this in 2,5 a year. So we can do these things. We do trams, and some of them speak the slope. In Switzerland the tram goes up the mountain. 100 has done it years ago. The 3 thousand 400 meters are emerging from these trams in the mountains of Switzerland. We're going to be here. '
Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Machinery, said that there are important breakthroughs in the machinery sector. Durmaz, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan should give importance to the target of 2023, saying, 'Sector 6 monthly exports of 7 billion dollars realized. We recently export 3 billion dollars annually. There is bread and movement in this sector. We should take our prime minister as an example. We must set targets. All of the major credit rating companies that have given ratings to countries for years have sunk. They disrupted all the worlds. Republic of Turkey have survived with minimal damage to the job. We must set our strategic goals. We came to such a day that we should not forget it. We should do our goals and work more than the automotive 'he said.
Durmaz stated that important works have been done to the companies in marketing and production, 'The sellers in our companies believe that they do their job correctly. I do not believe. To do business they are going to Indonesia. Kazakhstan's underground wealth triggers the development of the country so that we should see it. No natural resources in Indonesia. Poverty too. How do we sell the goods? The growth rate in Indonesia is not comparable to Kazakhstan. There is a great acceleration in Kazakhstan. Spend the effort we will spend in Indonesia to Kazakhstan. The marketer will be like a genie. We should see the whole thing. We make a difference as machine manufacturers. Companies should set their goals. Today's academic publications so many that possible to see 2050 'he said.
Weight of the machine is issued in Turkey 5 DOLLAR
Noting that Turkey can not stop 5 of dollars per kilogram of exported machinery, while Germany voiced that this price 100 euros. Now, saying that Turkey should do the job that hamallıg Durmazlar'The machine we export 5 weight per dollar. More in Germany than we do. Constipation without being a raw material? No way. We're porter. But let's look for ways to shorten time to become constipated. We should use these methods. The most important branding. Is Nike and Adidas in Turkey? No. We should warn the engineers at the design stage. There are thousands of 22 machine manufacturers throughout Europe. This number 22 thousand in Turkey. Clustering is difficult for trades, but they have to think about partnerships, 'he said.
Turkey's goal of 2023 Durmaz pointed out that over $ 545 billion, 'as machine manufacturers are aiming to export over $ 100 billion. We have realized the growth of 2012 percent in the first 6 month of 18. If we grow 15 every year, we reach this number. Europe has impotence. There are sinking countries. Our machine manufacturing has grown to 18 percent. We must make a difference. We must pay attention to the quality, marketing and brand of the product. We can achieve this work 'he said.

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