Visually impaired citizens, ASTI and Ankaray route guide was made.

A guide path was made to AŞTİ and Ankaray line for the convenience of visually impaired citizens by the Metropolitan Municipality.
The guideway to the AŞTİ and Ankaray lines enables the disabled people to find their way more comfortable thanks to the sensible surface. Straight lines on the road will continue straight, and the points show that the stairs will be climbed. The work of the walking path, which aims to safely access the destination of the visually impaired, continues at night. There is also a relief sign showing the plan of the visually impaired.
Safe movement
The sensible surface study is also aimed at the streets. It is aimed that the visually impaired people who have difficulty in perceiving the dangers and directions in the public areas, are able to act independently and safely in the daily life with the white cane and the guide way they perceive by the soles.

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