General Manager Baraçlı: We Apply International Management Techniques at IETT

baracli and bagis iett
baracli and bagis iett

IETT has increased its service quality every day. Hayri Baracli, IETT international management techniques are applied, he said.

Under the chairmanship of Pakistan's Peshawar Province Governor Shah Pirzada Jamil Hussain, a four-person delegation consisting of the provincial transportation undersecretary, information undersecretary and the deputy prime minister visited IETT to exchange information about the metrobus line to be established in Peshawar. Pakistani authorities had previously come to Istanbul on various dates for the metrobus system to be established in Lahore. Their guests are General Manager Dr. Hayri Baraçlı and Deputy General Manager Mümin Kahveci. After a presentation was made to the Pakistani delegation introducing IETT and the BRT system; Information was given on municipal support in urban transportation systems, operating fees, ticket prices, drivers' shifts and service quality. Peshawar State Governor Shah Pirzada Jamil Hussain received detailed information about the BRT project, which is planned to be carried out under the consultancy and coordination of IETT.
Baraçlı: “We apply international management techniques to improve service quality”

Providing information about IETT to the Pakistan delegation, General Manager Baraçlı also received information about the existing transportation systems in Pakistan and the systems in the project phase. Baraçlı, who is interested in the guests, expressed that they implement international management techniques in order to improve the service quality in IETT. Reminding that they had previously conducted inspections in Pakistan with the Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş, Baraçlı said, Belediye You are our brother. We're ready to do whatever we can for you. There, the Pakistani people and managers were warmly welcomed. In this context, I would like to thank you for visiting our organization. Bu

Peshawar State Governor Shah Pirzade: “IETT's consultancy service is satisfactory”

Pakistan's Peshawar Province Governor Shah Pirzada Jamil Hussain expressed that they were welcomed in a very warm atmosphere at IETT and thanked IETT administrators for providing consultancy services to them about the BRT system to be built in Pakistan. Noting that Pakistan needs serious investments in transportation, Hussain said, “IETT's consultancy service is pleasing. We are friendly and brotherly countries with Turkey. We need your support.” said.
At the end of the meeting, Pakistan's Peshawar State Governor Shah Pirzada was presented as a model model of the nostalgic tram to Jamil Hussain.

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