General purpose of youth trains

29 June-19 is a mobility project between 7 line and 6 on 19 line between 29 and 2000 young people.
In project scope;
Efeler Youth Train: Izmir - Konya - Ankara - Eskisehir - Izmir
Fırat Youth Train: Elazig - Divriği - Sivas - Kayseri - Adana - Elazig
Çukurova Youth Train: Mersin - Adana - Divriği - Sivas - Kayseri - Mersin
Caucasian Youth Train: Kars - Erzurum - Samsun - Amasya - Divriği - Kars
Karaelmas Youth Train: Zonguldak - Kayseri - Divriği - Sivas - Ankara - Zonguldak
Şahinbey Youth Train: Gaziantep - Divriği - Sivas - Kayseri - Adana - Gaziantep
Istiklal Youth Train: Samsun - Amasya - Sivas - Kayseri - Ankara - Samsun
It is planned to use the routes and the trips are planned in the mentioned provinces.
The young people between the ages of 19-29, who will determine which timetable to participate in which train will be determined by the application, must complete their applications by entering the Identity Card photocopy and the Provincial Directorates of Youth Services and Sport after the announcement of the noble and reserve lists.
The Youth Train mobility project is organized by the Ministry and all expenses of the participants will be covered by the Ministry. Participants will travel in double bed compartments, have breakfast and dinner in the train, lunch will be taken out in the direction of the program in the direction of the train or take the train. In addition, open service water and tea service will be provided for the participants. Again for young people to participate in communication needs

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