Bomb Placed on Railway in İslahiye District of Gaziantep Exploded While Freight Train Passed

After the 15.45 63287 transported to Xanderx from Ishani Fevzipaşa Station, 750, and the XNUMX, which led the ferry to Iskenderun, took place on the railway.
According to the initial findings, the explosion of the remote controlled bomb, the locomotives of the locomotives were broken. Mechanic Salih Ateş and assistant mechanic Hüseyin Yılmaz were injured. Islahiye State Hospital in the life of the engineer and his assistant is not in danger of being reported.
Two years ago, once again, during the passage of a freight train, the explosion took place and the railway was closed. Studies on the incident and re-opening of the road to work was initiated.
In Islahiye District of Gaziantep province, wounded Salih Ates who was injured due to a bomb exploded on the railroad, and Hüseyin Yılmaz, the assistant mechanic, visited the Islahiye State Hospital. Temizsoy, who wishes that he had passed on to the wounded, received information from their doctors about their state of health.

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